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Welcome To Of Jake's Rolex World Magazine..Optimized for iPad and iPhone: December 2012 Copier Patek Philippe

skip to main | skip to sidebar Sunday, December 30, 2012 Stainless Steel & Platinum Yacht-Master Cobalt Blue Sunray Dial!!! ...Best New Rolex Model Of 2012 Award... Stainless Steel & Platinum Yacht-Master Cobalt Blue Sunray Dial [40mm: Reference 116622] As we all prepare for 2013, I thought it would make sense to take a look back and decide what the best new Rolex model was for 2012, and my favorite is the all-new  Platinum & Stainless Steel Yachtmaster with Blue Dial. Why? Rolex very, very rarely introduces all-new models, but when they originally introduced the Yacht-Master in 1992 it was a Reference 16628 in 18kt gold, with a white dial and 3135 movement, which was the same movement used in the Rolex Submariner.  All New Blue Dial Yacht-Master Photo By Jurgen At BaselWorld in 1999 Rolex suprised everyone when the introduced the stainless steel and platinum version. Rolex refers to the combination of Stainless Steel and Platinum as Rolesium.  This all-new model was the first to bring back the timeless Maxi Markers and fat hands. Since then Rolex has slowly returned all sports models to  incorporate Maxi Markers and fat hands-Thank God!!!  The stainless and platinum Yacht-Master dial and bezel were made out of platinum but, the challenge was that the watch had no contrast. It was beautiful but it looked albino and had no pop. That all changed this rear at BaselWorld when Rolex introduced the new 40mm Reference 116622 with a Cobalt Blue Sunray dial , which is just stunning. With this new version Rolex also updated the case design, by giving the Yacht-Master a Supercase, which means, they made the lugs much thicker. If you want to learn more about the origins of the Rolex Yacht-Master be sure to check out my story titled, " The Complete History Of The Rolex Yacht-Master ." Posted by Jake Ehrlich at 5:43 PM 0 comments Links to this post Labels: Stainless and Platinum Rolex Yacht-Master, Stainless and Platinum Rolex Yacht-Master with Blue Dial Reference 116622 Monday, December 24, 2012 Rolex Coolness: Jack Klugman Two Absolute Classics Rolex Coolness: Jack Klugman From The Twilight Zone to The Odd Couple to Quincy M.E. Jack Klugman passed away today, and now belongs to the ages. Jack was born Jacob Joachim "Jack" Klugman on April 27, 1922 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., and passed away on Christmas Eve 2012. He was one of the most beloved and great American character actors in film, stage and television, with amazing career achievements, and as we see below, his trademark Rolex GMT Master is as classic as he is. Jack Klugman began his acting career during World War II in the United States Army and was roommates with in New York City with Charles Bronson prior to either actor becoming famous. Jack Klugman began his film career in 1957 in 12 Angry Men and in 1962 he starred in Days Of Wine And Roses. Jack is perhaps best know for his TV career. He and Burgess Meredith are tied for the most appearances on the Twilight Zone with 4 appearances each. The Twilight zone was a Science Fiction Mystery-thriller that is still considered to this day to be a work of art. "There is a fifth dimension, beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone." –Rod Serling. Jack Klugman was an early TV pioneer and began his TV career in 1950 on The Actor's Studio. In 1961, Jack Klugman stared in an episode of the Twilight Zone titled "A Game Of Pool" and Jonathan Winters co-stared with him. In the Game Of Pool episode of Twilight Zone, Jack Klugman plays Jesse Cardiff, a pool shark in Chicago. Johnathan Winters plays Fats Brown as seen above and below. In the Opening narration it to this episode it says "Jesse Cardiff, pool shark on Randolf Street, will soon learn that trying to be the best at anything carries its own special risks, in or out of the Twilight Zone. The closing Narration says "Mr. Jesse Cardiff, who became a legend by beating one, but who has found out after his funeral that being the best of anything carries with it a special obligation to keep proving it. Mr. Fats Brown, on the other hand having relinquished the champion's mantle, has gone fishing. These are the ground rules, in the Twilight Zone." In Praise Of Pip Twilight Zone Episode [Original Air Date, September 27, 1963] In Praise Of Pip is considered to be one of the best episodes of the Twilight Zone and you can watch the episode below. It is interesting to note that JFK was the President of The United States when this originally aired, and less than 2 months later, JFK belonged to the ages. The Odd Couple [Originally Aired from September 24, 1970 to July 4, 1975] Jack Klugman is perhaps best known for his Role as Oscar Madison in the classic TV series The Odd Couple which was written by Neil Simon and based upon the play by the same title. When I was a kid growing up, I remember this show was really popular and I have fond memories of watching it with family members. The Odd Couple was about the super-neat, Felix Unger character played by Tony Randall and his super sloppy roommate Oscar Madison played flawlessly by Jack Klugman. Watching the opening scene above and listening to the soundtrack is the ultimate Deja Vu mindblower if you are familiar with the show. Here is a sample episode of The Odd Couple: On the show, Felix and Oscar are both divorced bachelors living with each other. The TV show was actually based on the 1968 film version of the stage play of The Odd Couple that starred Walter Matthau as Oscar Madison and Jack Lemmon as Felix Unger. The Odd Couple was a great TV show that originally bounced back and forth over its 6 year run between Thursday and Friday evenings. Both Jack Klugman and Tony Randall were nominated for Emmy Awards each year the show aired. Jack Klugman won two Emmy Awards for his role on the Odd Couple in 1971 and 1973. He also won two Golden Globe awards–one in 1972 and again in 1974. The Odd Couple was an amazing show because of the superb chemistry between Jack Klugman and Tony Randall. Of course the supreme irony is that Jack Klugman's character, Oscar Madison was a complete slog and Tony Randall's character of Felix Unger was a neat freak, but in reality they were the opposite. Quincy, M.E. The First CSI Show... [Originally Aired from October 3, 1976 to September 4, 1983] After Jack Klugman's success with the Odd Couple, he went on to play Dr. R. Quincy who is a very principled Medical Examiner (forensic coroner) in Los Angeles County who specializes in trying to solve mysterious and suspicious deaths. Quincy, M.E. was another huge success and it ran for a total of 8 seasons. It also stared Robert Ito who was Quincy's right hand man in solving mysteries deaths. Here is the opening theme to Quincy, M.E. Once again, if you are familiar with the music it is a Deja Vu trip!!! Canon Copier Spokesman After Jack Klugman completed the Quincy, M.E., show he had become one of America's most trusted figures, perhaps similarly to Walter Cronkite. Canon hired Jack to become the trusted face of their Canon Personal Copier line and in many of the Canon ads, Jack Klugman wore his trademark Rolex GMT. The image above of Jack Klugman wearing his trusted trademark Rolex GMT Master would be used over and over again in Canon TV commercials to show how their copiers could print and scale photos. The screen shot below is from a 1980s Canon TV commercial. Over the years that followed The Odd Couple, Jack Klugman and Tony Randall remained close pals, until Tony Randall unfortunately passed away. Jack Klugman was also good pals with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin and is pictured below with them. Jack Klugman was a heavy smoker and in 1974 he was diagnosed with throat cancer and in 1989 he lost a vocal cord to cancer. Fortunately he survived the cancer and continued to act on TV and on stage. Since he lost a vocal cord, today he speaks with a scratchy voice. Jack Klugman is pictured below in a recent photo taken when he was 87 years young. Jack Klugman's acting career has spanned 6 decades and in my personal opinion, he is one of the best actors in modern history and a man of amazing achievment, and all I can say is Bravo!!!!!! Bravo!!!!!! Bravo!!!! Posted by Jake Ehrlich at 8:39 PM 1 comments Links to this post Labels: Actor Wearing Rolex, Jack Klugman Tuesday, December 18, 2012 Rolex Wrist Shot Of The Day Kevin's Pre Rolex Daytona Rolex Wrist Shot Of The Day Kevin's Pre Rolex Daytona [Stainless Steel: Small Pushers: Telemeter Scale] Posted by Jake Ehrlich at 12:39 PM 0 comments Links to this post Labels: Rolex Chronograph, Rolex Wrist Shot Of The Day Thursday, December 6, 2012 ...Introducing... The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4/4s ...Introducing... The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet  for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4/4s If you are a daily reader of Jake's Rolex World, you know I am a designer, and I also own a company named BulletTrain, which is headquartered in San Francisco, California.   BulletTrain makes super-innovative accessories for Apple products .  I am really excited because we just launched an amazing new product I have been working on designing for a few years, and it is named The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone . The BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is pictured below, and it is a complete wallet replacement that offers amazing space savings while allowing you to finally get rid of your old-fashioned wallet. As you can see in the photo below, the SAFE Wallet allows you to carry everything you need, in a beautifully streamlined, trim wallet that is really easy to use. In the photo below you see the contents of my SAFE Wallet which include house keys, a credit card, drivers license, VISA debit card, and a hundred dollar bill. This allows me to leave my home everyday, without having to carry a separate wallet, iPhone and keys. In the next photo (below) you can see the SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5 next to a classic leather wallet with an iPhone 5 and house keys. The Ruby Red SAFE Wallet is carrying everything pictured next to it, in a space which is smaller than the leather wallet, when it is empty!!! I believe the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet really reinvents the wallet for the 21st century. In the next photo below, we see the SAFE Wallet in BulletTrain Blue, and it is holding two credit cards, a drivers license, a hundred dollar bill and 6 business cards!!! That's a total of 10 cards, which all fit comfortably in the SAFE Wallet case!  The SAFE Wallet also has a built-in MagicStand™ which allows you to instantly place the SAFE Wallet in portrait or landscape on any flat surface, as you can see in the photo below. As the designer of the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet, I have been testing prototypes for the last 6 months and I can't believe how useful and powerful the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet is!!! We just launched the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet for iPhone 5, and iPhone 4/4s on Kickstarer. You can watch our Kickstarter video below to learn much more about this incredibly innovative new product, and if you are interested in Pre-Ordering a BulletTrain SAFE Wallet or learning more, you can do so on the BulletTrain SAFE Wallet Kickstarter page : If you visit the dedicated SAFE Wallet microsite, you can learn way, way more about this incredible new product . There is also a SAFE Wallet Guide that offers valuable insight for how-to digitize almost everything in your  SAFE Wallet .  It's time to rethink your wallet strategy. Welcome to Wallet 2.0! To Pre-Order your own SAFE Wallet, you can go directly to our Kickstarter SAFE Wallet  project page . Posted by Jake Ehrlich at 3:50 PM 0 comments Links to this post Labels: apple, BulletTrain, BulletTrain Express Keyboard Platform, BulletTrain SAFE Wallet, iPhone Wednesday, December 5, 2012 Rolex Signs Global Partnership with Formula 1 Rolex Signs Global Partnership with Formula 1 Rolex just announced today, in Geneva, Switzerland, their global partnership with Formula 1 racing, which will make Rolex a major long-term partner of Formula from 2013 as the Official Timekeeper and Official Timepiece. Rolex said: "Rolex sponsorship of Formula 1 racing  reinforces Rolex’s commitment to motor racing and its support of global sport at the very highest level." In the photo above, we see racing legend, and Rolex ambassador, Sir Jackie Steward, Rolex CEO, Gian Riccardo Marini, Bernie Ecclestone, the CEO of The Formula One Group, and Olympic Skiing legend, and Rolex Board Of Directors member, Jean-Claude Killy. In this next photo we see Rolex CEO, Gian Riccardo Marini with Formula 1 CEO, Bernie Ecclestone. Bernie Ecclestone said: “Without question Rolex is the partner of choice for a world class sporting series like Formula One.  The brand’s prestige, the excellence of its watches as well as Rolex’s passionate and long­standing commitment to motor sports gives it true credibility. This partnership is something that many people interested in Formula One will have been waiting for and should rightly be excited about. Rolex has incredible sporting heritage and therefore Formula One is the right place for Rolex to be.” Rolex CEO, Gian Riccardo Marini said: “This is an exciting step for us at Rolex as the fit between Formula One and our brand feels very natural and, like all great partnerships, needs little explanation.  In our respective fields, Rolex and Formula One embody the spirit of adventure, superla­tive engineering and a strong desire to push the limits of technology. These aspirations are enormously appealing to younger generations.” “Our self­winding mechanical watches – like the dedicated drivers’ chronograph, the Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona – are packed with technological innovation and human know­how, all thanks to our engineers’ and watchmakers’ passion for detail.”  “Rolex watches are symbolic of the quest for the highest level of performance and reliability that is epitomized by Formula One. Over the last 50 years both Rolex and Formula 1 have grown into world­leading aspirational brands and there will be many fantastic opportunities that we can enjoy together.” In the image below, we see Rolex CEO, Gian Riccardo Marini sporting a white gold Rolex Submariner, and Formula 1 CEO, Bernie Ecclestone is wearing a White Gold Rolex Daytona. The Rolex Press Release shares this detail: In its capacity as Formula 1 Official Timekeeper and Official Timepiece, Rolex will give the time in different locations during each grand Prix. The Rolex logo will also be positioned around the circuit and at several corners during Formula 1  races. Rolex’s presence in Formula 1 is due to develop over the coming seasons. Time-Honoured Passion For Motor Sports For Rolex, the partnership with Formula 1 is part of a long history of close ties with motor racing and speed. The brand has been associated since the 1930s with a number of major personalities in the field, including sir Malcolm Campbell, who broke the 300 mile per hour (483 km/h) barrier in 1935 at the wheel of his World land speed Record car BlueBird. Sir Malcolm was wearing a Rolex Oyster. In the late 1950s, the swiss watchmaker became a partner of the Daytona International speedway in Florida. In 1963, the circuit gave its name to the legendary chronograph Rolex created for racing drivers, the Cosmograph Daytona. Since the late 1960s, Rolex has counted motor racing legend Sir Jackie stewart, one of the most celebrated Formula 1 drivers of the last 40 years, among its family of promi­nent Testimonees. sir Jackie won three Formula One World Championships (1969, 1971 and 1973) and 27 grand Prix races. He is also widely recognized for his commit­ment to F1 driver safety during the 1970s. Unerring Commitment To Performance “I am delighted that Rolex, a very unique brand that chooses its relationships very care­ fully, and Formula One have entered into a partnership,” said Sir Jackie Stewart. “The Rolex Daytona timepiece and its constant technological development over 50 years are fine indicators of Rolex’s unerring commitment to performance and the brand’s timeless values. Having worked with Rolex for more than 40 years and given my ongoing involvement in Formula One, I think this is a superb partnership and one that will be hugely successful,” added sir Jackie. Partnerships With Strong Symbolic Value Mr Marini said: “In some respects, through its strong symbolic value and its global reach, our partnership with Formula One mirrors our recent support for initiatives such as James Cameron’s Deepsea Challenge expedition to the deepest reaches of the ocean in March 2012. A feat that is both human and technological, and has worldwide resonance”. In keeping with this spirit of pushing the boundary of technological endeavour, Rolex joined the bloodhound SSC World land speed Record project in 2011 as the Official Timing Partner. The bloodhound team is aiming to set a new record of 1,000 miles per hour (1,600 km/h) with a cutting­edge supersonic jet­ and rocket­powered car, inspiring  the next generation of scientists and engineers. In the same vein, Rolex announced in spring 2012 its support for Neuropolis, a world­ class neuroscience hub based in Switzerland which aims to improve understanding of the human brain using computational biology. This innovative approach, on the frontier of scientific research, builds on the power of supercomputers to simulate biological processes. Rolex is a major partner of many of the most prestigious and iconic events, organizations and personalities in selected sports, especially golf (e.g. The Open Championship), tennis (e.g. Wimbledon) and yachting (e.g. Rolex sydney hobart). about Rolex leading brand of the swiss watch industry, Rolex, headquartered in Geneva, enjoys an unrivaled reputation for quality and expertise the world over.  Its Oyster watches, all certified as chronometers for their precision, are symbols of excellence, performance and prestige. Pioneer in the development of the wristwatch as early as 1905, the brand is at the origin of numerous major watchmaking innovations, such as the Oyster, the first wa­terproof wristwatch, launched in 1926, and the Perpetual rotor self­winding mechanism introduced in 1931.  Rolex has registered over 400 patents in the course of its history. A truly integrated manufacturing company, Rolex designs, develops and produces in­-house, all the essential components of its watches, from the casting of the gold alloys to the machining, crafting, assembly and finishing of the movement, case, dial and bracelet. Rolex is also actively involved in supporting the arts, sports, science, the spirit of enterprise, and the environment through a broad palette of sponsoring activities as well as philanthropic programs. About Formula 1 Formula 1, which began in 1950, is the world’s most prestigious motor racing com­ petition and the world’s most popular annual sporting series. In 2012 the FIa Formula One World Championship was watched by over half a billion unique television viewers in 187 territories, and ran from March to November spanning 20 races in 19 countries across five continents. Formula One World Championship limited is part of the Formula One group, founded by CEO Bernie Ecclestone and holds the exclusive commercial rights to the FIA Formula One World Championship ™ . Posted by Jake Ehrlich at 3:11 PM 0 comments Links to this post Labels: Bernie Ecclestone, Formula 1 Racing, Jean-Claude Killy Rolex, Rolex CEO Gian Riccardo Marini, Rolex Press Release, Sir Jackie Stewart Tuesday, December 4, 2012 Rolex Bienne Inauguration Preview Rolex Bienne Inauguration Preview Video In late October I wrote a super-detailed overview of Rolex's brand new manufacturing facility located in Bienne, Switzerland . Rolex in conjunction with the super-talented, Caravan Productions in Geneva, Switzerland have been working on a documentary which covers the inauguration of Rolex's all-new facility in Bienne, Switzerland. They had a video up on the web but is seems to have disappeared? Here are a few screenshots... Posted by Jake Ehrlich at 2:36 AM 0 comments Links to this post Labels: Bienne Movement Manufactory, Caravan Productions., Rolex Video Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) IF YOU ENJOY JAKE'S ROLEX WORLD BE CERTAIN TO CHECK OUT JAKE'S OTHER BLOGS: Contact Jake About Jake's Rolex History INSIDE ROLEX Historically Rolex has always been extremely secretive and discreet, and no journalists in the past have ever been invited "INSIDE ROLEX" to explore and report on all four Rolex Manufacturing faclities in Switzerland. In November 2013, this changed when Rolex invited Jake to take an unprecdented journey into the heart of Rolex to learn and report on everything he witnessed and learned. This Super-Detailed 3 Part Story is a "MUST READ" story for anybody who wants to understand what really makes Rolex tick. The Hans Wilsdorf Story: Founder Of Rolex Rolex is one of the most recognizable brands on earth, but very little has been known about its real history. If you really, really want to understand what makes Rolex tick, I very highly recommend you read the fascinating story of Rolex's amazing founder–Hans Wilsdorf. Support Jake's Rolex World

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Réplique de montres patek philippe Watches Euromonitor International publishes the world's most comprehensive market research on the watches industry. Our reports feature a wealth of standardised and cross-comparable statistics including total market sizes, market share and brand share data, distribution and industry trends and sub-category level information.

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results Country Report Watches in Hong Kong, China

Dec 2016

Watches recorded a third consecutive year of decline in current value sales in 2016. Chinese tourists represent the major purchasers of high mechanical watches in Hong Kong. With the Chinese government clamping down on gift giving, coupled with fewer...

US$990 View details Add to cart Added to Cart Country Report Watches in Taiwan

Nov 2016

Sales of watches are mainly driven by Chinese tourists. According to tourist records from the Mainland Affairs Council, travellers from China in 2014 increased by 10% compared with 2013. The 20% tax the Chinese government put on luxury goods, ...

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Oct 2016

Timepieces are increasingly being used as a fashion statement rather than for time-keeping purposes alone. Mobile phones are increasingly being used for time-keeping, foregoing the need for a watch. Watches which come in a diverse range of colours ...

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Oct 2016

So-called “affordable” watches, resembling high watches within a price range of RON400 to RON1,000, are driving growth within the watches category. Watches are generally established as a status symbol in Romania and types and styles of watches are ...

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Sep 2016

2016 continues to be an eventful year for watches in Malaysia. However, events organised by watches retailers and signature manufacturers of watches have tended to be smaller compared to those seen in the review period. For instance, Power of Time ...

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Indian consumers are increasingly showing an interest in owning premium and luxury watches, a trend that continued to gather momentum towards the end of the review period. Urban dwellers increasingly perceive watches as a fashion statement and are ...

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Sep 2016

2015 and 2016 have proven to be revolutionary years for smartwatches in the United Arab Emirates, with these products being positively accepted by consumers. The main players within smartwatches in the United Arab Emirates are Samsung Gear and Apple ...

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Aug 2016

The rising demand for all types of watches was a key trend in Poland in 2016. There were two main factors that stimulated sales of these products, which were the improving financial possibilities of Poles and their penchant for traditional products ...

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Aug 2016

2015 was named the year of the smartwatch, with Apple launching the highly anticipated Apple Watch in April and many traditional watch manufacturers announcing and launching their own smartwatches as they looked to compete in this area. Smartwatches ...

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Aug 2016

The purchasing of watches is becoming more than just getting an object for time-telling purposes or as a fashionable item, with consumers becoming more sophisticated in selecting and getting a watch for their collection. Most consumers will have a ...

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Aug 2016

Watches in Singapore increased in current value during 2016 as consumers began trading up, especially within mechanical watches and quartz analogue watches. Watches in the high price band enjoyed the strongest growth in current value terms in 2016, ...

US$990 View details Add to cart Added to Cart Country Report Watches in Indonesia

Aug 2016

Watches continued to record strong value growth in 2016 as a result of price increases and the launch of luxury products by leading players....

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Aug 2016

In 2015, over 27 million mobile phones, of which 26 million were smartphones, and seven million tablets, were sold in the UK, according to Euromonitor International’s consumer electronics data. This meant that 96% of households were in possession of ...

US$990 View details Add to cart Added to Cart Country Report Watches in Ukraine

Jul 2016

In 2016, watches suffered due to the significant devaluation in the country and subsequent reduced consumer incomes as well as wide use of electronic gadgets. The latter in the form of mobile phones (smart watches did not have an impact due to their ...

US$990 View details Add to cart Added to Cart Country Report Watches in Brazil

Jul 2016

In 2016, watches current value sales grew by 2% to reach R$3.7 billion. This growth rate was well below the current value CAGR of 9% recorded for the review period as a whole. This was mainly attributable to rising prices, the weakness of the ...

US$990 View details Add to cart Added to Cart Country Report Watches in Canada

Jul 2016

Whilst sales of high and mid mechanical watches in Canada continue to be driven primarily by men, sales of mid quartz analogue styles have skewed towards women in recent years. The growth of women as buyers of mid quartz analogue watches is primarily...

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Jul 2016

Watches recorded another positive year in 2016 with sales recording 6% current value growth. Basic watches continued to account for the majority of sales, at 64% in volume terms, followed by mid watches on 29% and high watches holding the remaining ...

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Jul 2016

Watches current value sales continued to decline in 2016 as demand among foreign tourists was hampered by the appreciation of the US dollar and China’s economic slowdown. Foreign tourists are key consumers of watches and other types of personal ...

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In 2016 the manufacturers of watches in Switzerland concentrated their innovations on timeless elegance and beauty. Press articles and overall excitement about the competition in the Swiss watch industry and the technology-driven development of smart...

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Jul 2016

In 2016, smart watches continued to positively impact traditional watches. Since their emergence in France, these watches have fuelled consumer interest in standard devices. Even though companies are looking to develop these alternative products, low...

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Приемам Машини Новини Фирми Промоции Снимки Видео Форум Фуражи, слама, сено, люцерна и др Re: Кой с какъв тор ще тори на пролет есенниците ФОРУМ Отговор Mdriver Re: Кой с какъв тор ще тори на пролет есенниците а какво мислите за амониева-димитровград при парвото култивиране за сеидбата на слънчоглед . Мисля да хвърля по 20кг /дка. не сам засаждал слънчоглед до сега и незнам дали сам прав споделете мнение. Колега по-добре е да използваш тази тор при окопаването на слънчогледа , когато вече е поникнал при 3-та 4-та двойка листа !

16.02.2013 в 14:38 Съобщи нередност Mdriver Re: Кой с какъв тор ще тори на пролет есенниците Най-новите и възможно най-добрите продукти в момента на пазара за листно подхранване на есенниците през пролетта се казват " Ласт Н" , " Грийн Н", " Сазолен" или "Сазолен НПК". Тези продукти нямат нищо общо с Лактофолите или другите течни торове. Всеки един от тези продукти напълно може да замени едно подхранване с някой азотен тор. Предимствата им пред останалите са много: - Азота в тях е във форма на МЕТИЛЕН УРЕЯ това е формата на азот с най-висок коефицент на усвояване през листата. - МЕТИЛЕН УРЕЯТА Е БАВНО ОСВОБОЖДАВАЩ СЕ АЗОТ който храни растението в продължение на 5 седмици. - Много нисък солен индекс на тора, това означава много мек продукт, който за сметка на другите листни торове НЕ прави пригори в посева. – Не се изпарява, отмива - НЕ СЪДЪРЖА НИТРАТИ / важно за зеленчукарите/. Ти недей си хвърляй карбамид , амониев нитрат , НПК или САС пък чакай добиви само на листния тор

16.02.2013 в 14:41 Съобщи нередност silvi11 Re: Кой с какъв тор ще тори на пролет есенниците Напълно подкрепям мнението на колегата Mdriver! Листното подхранване си дава положителния ефект ,но да се очакват високи добиви без други торове ,не става.

16.02.2013 в 15:16 Съобщи нередност Niekos90 Re: Кой с какъв тор ще тори на пролет есенниците За формирането на 100 кг зърно сътветната биомаса пшеницата извлича : 2,5-3,5 кг. Азот ; 1 – 1,5 кг P₂O₅ и от 2,5 до 3 кг К₂О. Сами си правете извода , кой какво ще внася колеги общо взето аз съм на мнението ,като останалите колеги азотната норма в началото още преди сеитбата в високи дози е изключително безмислено .Аз лично внасям 10 кг амониев нитрат на дка или реално 3 кг азот още 1-2 седмици преди сеитбата , както и троен суперфосфат и калиев сулфат инкорпорирано с подготовката на почвата като дискувам тъй като както знаете кореновата система на пшеницата е плитко разположена и внасянето чрез оран над 15 см не би довела до доволен резултат тъй като калиевите и фосфорните торове са изключително трудно подвижни елементи в почвения профил за разлика от азота. След това януари март е удачно да се влезе с карбамид още 10 кг /дка и вече 3-то внасяне много рано напролет с цел един форсиращ старт на буйния растеж на вегетативната маса. За да може фосфорът , както и калият да се усвой по-лесно не трябва да се забравя и третирането с растежни регулатори. След , като тези всички основни и елементарни задачи се изпълнят остава третирането с хербицид и фунгицид .Лично аз не обичам да внасям течен тор с хербицида .Първо не ми харесва смесването на двата типа препарати и втори ,както горе колегите са споменали ,за да има реално един добър ефект от едно третиране с листен тор найстина трябва да има листна маса иначе пръскаме на вятъра.Именно тогава ,когато листната маса се натрупа е времето , когато аз лично влизам с течния тор и фунгицида.Течните торове се усвояват 20 пъти по-бързо от тези внесени в почвата било то минерални или органични от течните торове най-бързо се усвоява азотът и калият именно благодарение на това може да се преодолее от-части някакъв калиев недостиг , но аз лично съм скептично настроен макар и това че нашите почви не са бедни на калии , че ако внасянето на калият е слабо или въобще пропуснато , което е груба грешка би се преодоляло . Течните торове отчаст ще дадът ефект ,но този ефект ще е достатъчен да се форсира самия посев и да се преодолеят стресовите фактори от третирането с останалите препарати от там ,след преминаването на стреса и третирането с напредналото развитие ,както и третирането с растежния регулатор културата успешно ще може да усвоява хранителните елементи внесени под формата на органични или минерални торове и така по-време на изкласяване , когато е най-голямо усвояването на хранителните елементи от растенията те успешно ще могат да усвоят от почвата хранителните вещества , тъй като тяхната физиология и растеж на листна маса от там натрупване на хранителни елементи чрез фотосинтеза и растеж на кореновата система ще подобрят и улеснят усвояването на фосфора и калият от почвата . И да не забравяме на последно място колеги третиранията с листни торове трябва да са рано сутринта ,когато устицата по листа са отворени и тора се усвоява по ефективно ,когато именно температурите не са огнетяващо високи и влажността на въздуха е висока ,нямаме едно бързо изпарение на препарата ,контакът е по-дълъг ,няма опасност от пригори да не се забравя и употребата на прилепители. Не бих си позволил да коментриам какъв тип тор ползвам поради слабият ми опит ,а и не желая да рекламирам просто ми е смешно как торовете чудо аджеба дават 70 кг добив отгоре ..... това за мен са провокативни и несправедливи нечестни твърдения с цел маркетинг , дано не обидя някой търговски представител Но спор няма листните торове са едно незаменимо агротехническо мероприятие приложени в правилното време в правилните концентрации с правилните хранителни елементи , те водят до подобряването на физиологията на растенията и чак тогава до усвояването на хранителните елемнти само , ако сте ги внасяли и от там до високия добив , но да твърдиш ,че един листен тор повишава добива , а не самата запасеност на почвата е неправилно и некоректно. Всички знаем , с какво се хранят растенията колеги , а именно отговорът е кореновата система. Без наличието на правилен почвен ,анализ и правилно комбинирано торене , а не гадната практика за едностранно азотно торене е правилният избор желая ви успешни добиви !!!.

09.05.2013 в 21:35 Съобщи нередност Мнението е редактирано за последно на 2013-05-09 21:43:59 Agronoma Re: Кой с какъв тор ще тори на пролет есенниците Най-новите продукти в Европа, а вече и във България за торене заедно със сеитбата на есенници или рапица са торовете "Микро ПМХ" или " Микростар СР ". Представляват микрогранулирани торове с размер на микрогранулата между 0,5 до 1 милиметра. ВНАСЯТ СЕ В ДОЗА ОТ 2 ДО 4 кг НА ДЕКАР единствено със сеитбата и ефекта им идва от това че стотици гранули от тора / един милион гранули в килограм тор / са в пряк контакт със семената. Микрогранулата е силно хигроскопична, лесно разтворима, фосфорът в тора е във водоразтворима и в лесноусвоима за растението форма. Фосфора от другите торове / ТСП, ДАП, НПК / не е в контакт със семето при сеитба. Фосфора от другите торове е далеч от растението, не се усвоява при леко кисели или леко алкални почви защото в единия сличай е фиксиран от желязото а в другия на калция. В гранулата на « МИКРО ПМХ « и « Микростар СР» има ко-формулант който елиминира тези фиксации на желязото и калция в различните случаи на леко алкална или кисела почва. Фосфора, който в тора е 40% / има и вариант с 50% / започва да се усвоява още с появата на микроскопичните коренчета на кълна, които подхранва и за няколко седмици превръща в мощна коренова система осигуряваща на младото растение един много бърз старт и много по силно братене. По този начин на внасяне не се подхранват плевели, както при площното разхвърляне. Не се губи енергия да се пренасят, разхвърлят и закопават хиляди тонове тор. За 1000 дка. са нужни не повече от 4 тона. Тези торове се внасят със специални апликатори, които фирмата вносител на тора доставя и монтира на фермерите БЕЗПЛАТНО. Въпреки че технологияте е иновативна и сега навлиза цената на ДЕКАР е с 20% по- ниска от площното разхвърляне на диамониев фосфат, ТСП, НП или НПК. За повече въпроси тел: 0889/ 499-132 Или на e-mail : Изгледайте това филмче, за да видите ефекта при царевица :

17.06.2013 в 20:26 Съобщи нередност vladimir4o Re: Кой с какъв тор ще тори на пролет есенниците organi4na tor e nai dobroto reshenie predlagase na granuli i nasipno za listno podhranvane regolira kiseli po4vi i ednovremenno i stimulira razteja na resteniiata

14.11.2013 в 10:00 Съобщи нередност simov Re: Кой с какъв тор ще тори на пролет есенниците Цинков ацетат дихират 98 %. /цинков хелат, органичен цинк/ като микротор за почвено и листно подхранване на траини насаждения и земеделски култури /царевица, слънчоглед/ при цинков дефицит. Цена: 25 кг. - 150 лв. и куриески. За контакт 0876265091. Симов. Приложение. Цинков ацетат 8 % воден разтвор за торене. Микроелемента Цинк става по-малко достъпен в почви наситени с високи нива на фосфор. Идеален за всички култури, цинков ацетат тор помага в развитието на растежни хормони, коренова система и влияе върху размера на семена и формирането на стъблата. Ползи от цинков ацетат 8 % воден разтвор за торене: -развитие на растежни хормони и формиране на коренова система. -необходим за образуване на нишесте при зърнените култури. -влияе върху размера на семената и съзряване на стъблата. Цинков ацетат е идеален тор при следните почвени фактори: -високо рН -високо съдържание на фосфор -високо съдържание на азот -високо съдържание на мед и манган Съвместимост. Този продукт е съвместим с повечето пестициди, обаче, не е възможно да се изпитат всички смеси от пестициди. Тестът за буркан се препоръчва преди употреба. Общо предназначение ПРЕПОРЪКИ: Торене на окопни култури: 3-20 Галона по въздух, 10-40 литра на земята. Дръвчета: концентрират 50 до 100 литра, разреден 100-500 литра. Предлагани приложения: (литра на акър, 1 акър е равен на 4840 кв. м./ Култури, като пример, но не само: Ябълки, череши, праскови, бадеми, орехи, круши, костилкови, семкови плодове и ядки 1-4 литра на акър в 2-4 седмичен интервал. Ечемик, овес, пшеница, ориз, и други малки зърна 0.5 - 2 литра - прилага се при братене, ранно зареждане и поникване на листата. Боб, грах и други бобови растения 0.5 - 1.5 литра - прилага се при ранно пъпкуване, да се повтори след цъфтеж. Зеле, броколи, моркови, лук, домати и други зеленчуци 0.5 - 2 литра - прилага се когато растежът е 4-8 % висок. Повторете на 2 седмици, ако е необходимо. Царевица, основна и сладка 0.5 - 2 литра - прилага се при 10-20 % височина на стъблото, да се повтори между 2-4 седмица ако е необходимо. Грозде о.5 - 2 литра - прилага се в покой, преди цъфтеж и след цъфтеж, ако е необходимо. Хмел 0.5 - 2 литра. Маруля, целина, спанак и други листни зеленчуци 0.5 - 2 литра - Нанесете след разсаждане или изтъняване, повторете, ако е необходимо. Лешници, фъстъци 0.5 - 2 литра - прилага се при формиране на пъпка. Повторете на всеки две дървета до три седмици. Картофи 0,5 - 2 литра - прилага се при формиране на клубени, повторете след 2-4-седмици. Малини, боровинки, къпини 0.5 - 1.5 литра - прилагат се предварително при цъвтеж повторение на 2-4 седмица Тревите, отглеждани за семена 0,5 - 2 литра. Нанесете при братене, ранно зареждане и помикване на листата. ВНИМАНИЕ: Да се ​​съхранява извън обсега на деца, ОПАСЕН ПРИ ПОГЛЪЩАНЕ

06.07.2015 в 17:08 Съобщи нередност fcheapoflondon Top qualité réplique Rolex Montres Suisses répliques de montres en ligne . [b][url=]Répliques de montres suisses aaa +[/url][/b] [b][url=]répliques de montres suisses[/url][/b] réplique de haute qualité montres pour hommesmontresmécanique suisse mouvement répliques de montres Top qualité réplique Rolex Montres Suisses répliques de montres en ligne . #sddm { margin: 0 auto; padding: 0; z-index: 30; background-color:#F4F4F4; width: 80px; height:23px; float: right; margin-right: 60px;} #sddm li { margin: 0; padding: 0; list-style: none; float: left; font: bold 12px arial} #sddm li a { display: block; margin: 0 1px 0 0; padding: 4px 10px; width: 60px; background: #B7DAE3; color: #fff; text-align: center; text-decoration: none} #sddm li a:hover { background: #49A3FF} #sddm div { position: absolute; visibility: hidden; margin: 0; padding: 0; background: #EAEBD8; border: 1px solid #5970B2} #sddm div a { position: relative; display: block; margin: 0; padding: 5px 10px; width: auto; white-space: nowrap; text-align: left; text-decoration: none; background: #EAEBD8; color: #2875DE; font: 12px arial} #sddm div a:hover { background: #49A3FF; color: #FFF} Language Deutsch Français Italiano Español Português 日本語 Russian Arabic Norwegian Swedish Danish Nederlands Finland Ireland English Welcome! Se connecter ou registre Votre chariot est vide Accueil Montres Rolex Réplique Montres OMEGA BREITLING Montres Devises US Dollar Euro GB Pound Canadian Dollar Australian Dollar Jappen Yen Norske Krone Swedish Krone Danish Krone CNY Catégories PATEK PHILIPPE Audemars Piguet Ferrari HUBLOT Montres Bell & Ross Montres Breguet Montres Chopard Montres couple Montres Rolex Montres suisses Montres U -Boat Omega Watches TAG Heuer A la une -   [plus] Copie Montres Rolex Datejust 116234D [1bd3]€2,152.02  €189.72Economie : 91%Copie Montres Rolex Datejust 116234GA [0e1e]€2,235.72  €198.09Economie : 91%Copie Montres Rolex Datejust 116234B [6bde]€2,157.60  €190.65Economie : 91% Accueil ::  Montres Rolex Montres Rolex Filter Results by: Articles commençant par… A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Affiche 1 à 15 (sur 219 articles)  1  2  3  4  5 ...  15  [Suiv >>]  Copie des montres Rolex DATEJUST10P 116203G [2d6c]€2,178.99  €197.16Economie : 91% Copie des montres Rolex DATEJUST10P 116233GA [5fd3]€2,115.75  €190.65Economie : 91% Copie des montres Rolex DATEJUSTII 116333A [a555]€2,112.96  €188.79Economie : 91% Copie des montres Rolex DATEJUSTII 116333B [4610]€2,185.50  €186.93Economie : 91% Copie des montres Rolex DATEJUSTII 116333G [6652]€2,126.91  €185.07Economie : 91% Copie des montres Rolex DATEJUSTII 116334A [0cc3]€2,195.73  €196.23Economie : 91% Copie des montres Rolex DATEJUSTII 116334B [175b]€2,183.64  €195.30Economie : 91% Copie des montres Rolex DATEJUSTII 116334C [9413]€2,155.74  €197.16Economie : 91% Copie des montres Rolex DATEJUSTII 116334D [900c]€2,189.22  €192.51Economie : 91% Copie des montres Rolex DATEJUSTTHUNDERBIRDS 16263 [2f3a]€2,188.29  €195.30Economie : 91% Copie des montres Rolex EXPLORERII 16570 [0f9c]€2,165.04  €196.23Economie : 91% Copie des montres Rolex EXPLORERII 16570A [7ee1]€2,114.82  €186.00Economie : 91% Copie des montres Rolex EXPLORERII 16570C [49ba]€2,235.72  €196.23Economie : 91% Copie des montres Rolex GMT- MASTER ?? 116710LN [8b97]€2,173.41  €199.02Economie : 91% Copie des montres Rolex GMT- MASTER ?? 116713 [b766]€2,144.58  €186.93Economie : 91% Affiche 1 à 15 (sur 219 articles)  1  2  3  4  5 ...  15  [Suiv >>]  n Accueil   livraison   De gros   Suivi de commande   Bons de réduction   Moyens de paiement   Contactez nous   REPLICA OMEGA   REPLICA PATEK PHILIPPE   REPLICA ROLEX   montres REPLICA   REPLICA BREITLING   Copyright © 2012-2015 Tous droits réservés. Répliques de montres suisses aaa + répliques de montres suisses