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Patek Philippe Men's Watch for Cartier, Ref. 2422, 1947 Réduction Patek Philippe

The situation is different in cases where information is provided about the condition of an item in the auction announcement which varies from the information provided in the product description in the auction catalog. In the case referred to above, the auction announcements shall prevail, with the result that the condition of the item is determined by the auction announcements. 10.3 The items offered in the auction are used items whose signs of use and age give them their special character. For this reason, the actual condition of the item as shown and described in the auction catalog shall be regarded as the agreed condition. If flaws, damage or defects to the items are listed in the auction catalog which no longer correspond with the usual condition of a used item, but which fundamentally affect the value of the item, the items will be purchased in accordance with the information in the product description and a warranty shall be excluded in this regard. 10.4 The information about the condition of the item, particularly as described in the catalog, is based on generally accessible scientific knowledge which has been ascertained and made use of by the Auctionata experts exercising the necessary care and accuracy. It follows from this that the technical and scientific knowledge available at the time of entering into the agreement is relevant for the presence of a defect at this time, i.e. if the age of an item is stated incorrectly, this does not constitute a defect if it was determined in accordance with the technical and scientific knowledge available at the time. 10.5 The exact color of an item is excluded from the agreement on characteristics, since there may be minor color variations between the photo shown on the Internet and the actual item (e.g. due to lighting and focus). 10.6 If an item was expressly identified as a copy in the catalog description, then the authenticity cannot constitute a characteristic of the item, with the result that the item is purchased as a copy and a warranty is excluded in this respect. 10.7 If a defect is present, i.e. in the event of deviation from the contractually agreed condition of the item, and if documented written proof of the deficiency is presented within the warranty period in accordance with figure 10.1, the following shall apply to the rescinded transaction: The transaction will be rescinded in accordance with the statutory provisions. Accordingly, the payments/goods received must first be returned by the parties. That is to say that Auctionata will refund the purchase price paid by the purchaser and the purchaser will return the item to Auctionata. The situation is different in cases where the item received by the purchaser has deteriorated or perished; deterioration caused by the use of the item as intended shall not be taken into account, however. In this case, the debtor shall provide compensation instead of returning the item (cf. Section 346, section 2, no. 3 of the German Civil Code (BGB)). The compensation shall be calculated based on the purchase price of the item. In addition, the statutory warranty regulations shall apply, i.e. the purchaser may also demand the reduction of the purchase price. 11. Guarantee of authenticity Auctionata guarantees to the purchaser the authenticity of the goods on the following conditions: 11.1 Auctionata guarantees that the purchased item is not a fake, i.e. a copy produced with the intention of deceiving a potential purchaser as to the creator, the date of creation, the material and the age, given the technical and scientific knowledge available at the time. This means that the guarantee relates solely to expressly stated information about the creator, the date of creation, the material and the age of an item. If one of the items of information listed above was not provided for an item, this information shall not be the subject of the guarantee. If an item was expressly identified as a copy (e.g. "museum copy") by Auctionata in the auction catalog before it was purchased, then a guarantee of authenticity is excluded in this respect. 11.2 The purchaser may assert the inauthenticity of an item against Auctionata within 25 years of the item being handed over to him or her. 11.3 If there is a dispute between Auctionata and the purchaser as to the authenticity of the item, an expert arbitrator shall decide the matter. Judicial proceedings concerning the matter of dispute and associated entitlements may only be instituted once an expert determination has been prepared. The parties should agree on the person appointed as the expert arbitrator within 4 weeks of a written request being made by one party. Auctionata will give the purchaser a choice of three recognized independent and impartial experts for this. If no agreement is reached within this period, the expert will be appointed by the Bundesverband der Kunstsachverständigen e.V. or a compartable organization at the written request of one party. The expert arbitrator must be an officially appointed art expert. The expert arbitrator must be independent and impartial. The expert determination will be prepared in writing. The expert arbitrator will base his decision solely on the generally acknowledged technological and scientific standards prevailing in the field at the time when the item in question was purchased. The expert arbitrator's findings and the outcome shall be binding on the parties. The expert determination must be submitted and substantiated in writing. The statement of reasons must include the significant assumptions on which the expert valuation is based. If the purchaser wins the dispute on the basis of the expert determination, Auctionata shall bear the costs and expenses incurred by the expert arbitrator. If the purchaser loses the dispute on the basis of the expert determination, the purchaser shall bear the costs and expenses incurred by the expert arbitrator. Each party shall bear its own costs incurred in connection with the expert determination, such as legal fees. 11.4 If the purchaser wins the dispute on the basis of the expert determination, the statutory warranty terms shall apply, whereupon liability for lost profit is expressly not covered by the guarantee. 11.5 The guarantee of authenticity is personal and may not be transferred either by contract or by law, e.g. within the scope of a transfer to a sole successor in title. 12. Liability Auctionata shall only be liable in cases of intention and gross negligence; the aforementioned shall not apply in the event that express guarantees are assumed (figure 11), or in the event of damages resulting from injury to life, body or health, or in the event of mandatory legal provisions. In the event that significant contractual obligations are breached, or in the event of debtor's delay or impossibility of payment or performance for which Auctionata is responsible, Auctionata shall be liable for each case of culpable conduct, however. Liability for compensation of indirect damage, and particularly for lost profit, shall only arise in cases of intent or gross negligence on the part of legal representatives, managers or other vicarious agents of Auctionata. The amount of Auctionata's liability shall be limited to the damage typically foreseeable at the time of entering into the agreement, except in cases of intent or gross negligence on the part of legal representatives, managers or other vicarious agents of Auctionata. 13. Retention of title The items shall remain the property of the respective Consignor until they are paid for in full. To protect the purchaser, the items will not be shipped until payment has been received in full (receipt of payment). 14. Terms of payment 14.1 The purchase price for the items purchased is to be paid in advance. The customer must pay the purchase price immediately upon receipt of the invoice in PDF format. Payment on delivery is excluded. The customer may effect payment by bank transfer, PayPal or credit card (VISA, Mastercard, Diners Club, American Express). Auctionata shall not charge any fees for this. 14.2 A buyer shall enter into payment default if he has not rendered payment within 30 days after the payment due date; the relevant date is the date that Auctionata receives the payment into its account. In the event of payment default, the purchase price of Buyers who are consumers shall accrue interest during the payment default period in the amount of 5% points above the respectively valid base lending rate (in accordance with the statutory directives published by the German Central Bank) plus the statutory VAT. For an entrepreneur, the interest during the payment default period shall be 8% points above the base lending rate plus the statutory VAT. The interest shall be calculated per year and charged to the current account. 14.3 If the purchaser delays in making payment, Auctionata may withdraw wholly or partially from the agreement in accordance with the statutory provisions after granting an extension period of seven days, and demand damages (Section 325 of the German Civil Code (BGB)), which may include, specifically, storage costs and the buyer's premium. 14.4 The purchaser shall be deemed in default with acceptance of the item if he or she does not accept the item after two delivery attempts, or does not collect the item from the deliverer after it is deposited within the statutory period set by the deliverer, or does not c tlgeakea. Montres Patek Philippeollect the item from Auctionata or the deliverer on the agreed date two times in succession. In the event of a delay in acceptance, Auctionata may wholly or partially withdraw from the agreement in accordance with the statutory provisions. When rescinding the purchase price payment transaction, Auctionata may offset the amount against any entitlement to compensation. This may include, in particular, the expenses incurred through default and through the reduction of the proceeds in the event that the item is auctioned again, and the auction fees associated with this. When rescinding the purchase price payment transaction, the purchaser must provide his valid bank account details to Auctionata. If he or she fails to comply with this request, the amount will be deposited with the court after 90 days have passed at the purchaser's expense. 15. Delivery or collection, delivery periods, damage during shipping 15.1 Unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing, Auctionata will ship the sold items to the purchaser and the purchaser will pay the costs of shipping and shipping insurance in accordance with figure 8.2. 15.2 If agreed expressly in writing (by letter, fax or email) in individual cases, the purchaser can also collect the items from Auctionata in Berlin or from the Consignor at its own expense and risk on request and by appointment. Collection is only possible if the items have been paid for in advance. The day on which the money arrives in Auctionata's account shall be determinative. Cash payment upon collection is not possible. Upon collection, the purchaser must prove his identity by showing his identity document, which will be copied. If the purchaser sends a representative to collect the item, he or she must announce this by letter, fax or email. In this case, the representative must also prove his identity. The item must be collected at the agreed time. If the purchaser culpably fails to uphold the appointment, default of acceptance in accordance with figure 14.4 shall apply. 15.3 Auctionata will only ship the items when they have been paid for in full (receipt of payment). The delivery period shall be 14 days after receipt of payment in the case of deliveries within the EU, and 21 days for deliveries to countries outside the EU. We deliver all over the world, provided that this does not conflict with legal regulations (bans on imports). 15.4 If the purchaser is a business entity, shipping will take place at its own risk; for consumers, the statutory provisions shall apply, i.e. under no circumstances shall the consumer bear the risk of conveyance during shipping. 15.5 If, immediately upon receipt of the item, it should be discovered that the item has suffered severe damage during shipping, the customer should retain the packaging as evidence, since otherwise proving that the damage occurred during transit is considerably more difficult for Auctionata or may even be impossible. Please contact us immediately in such a case. 16. Exemptions from liability 16.1 Auctionata shall not be liable for the timely and correct submission of orders, bids and messages to Auctionata. Auctionata shall not, therefore, be held liable for the provision of a free telephone line and a functioning fax and Internet connection. Auctionata shall assume no liability whatsoever for the permanent availability of the Auctionata website. 16.2 Auctionata occasionally has to limit the operation of its website in order to perform maintenance work on the system or where this is required in order to perform technical security measures. During these times it is may be that the website of Auctionata is not accessible. 16.3 Auctionata accepts no liability should the website of Auctionata be limited in its functionality or destroyed through force majeure, strike, system malfunction or other external factors. Auctionata shall not be liable for loss or damage incurred through the lack of usability or inaccessibility of the website of Auctionata. 16. 4 Auctionata accepts no liability for the unauthorised access of third persons to person details of Consignors (e.g. by hackers) unless Auctionata wilfully or through gross negligence failed to protect the data against access. 17. Data protection Auctionata's privacy statement shall apply. 18. Amendments to the terms and conditions and final provisions 18. 1 Auctionata reserves the right to amend the provisions of these terms and conditions with future effect at any time without citing reasons. Auctionata will announce such amendments on its website or by email. The amendments shall be deemed to have been accepted if the customer does not object to them within two weeks of receiving notice, or if he or she makes use of Auctionata's services again after the agreement has been amended. Auctionata shall present these terms and conditions to every customer before every Auction, so that amendments can be acknowledged before the conclusion of an agreement. If a customer objects to the amendment, Auctionata shall be entitled to terminate the agreement with the customer. 18.2 Third parties may enter into this agreement in place of Auctionata and wholly or partially assume the resulting rights and obligations subject to six weeks' prior notice. The customer hereby consents to this in advance. 18.3 The place of performance for all of Auctionata's performance obligations that are derived from the contractual relationships between the contractual parties shall be the commercial residence of ISA Auctionata Auktionen AG in Berlin (Germany) if the contractual partner is an business person. The statutory provisions of the place of performance shall apply to consumers. 18.4 The legal venue for all claims arising from the disputes from the contractual relationships between the contractual parties shall be - insofar as the contractual parties are business persons, legal persons under public law or special foundations under public law - the commercial residence of Auctionata in Berlin (Germany). However, Auctionata may also alternatively take legal action against the contractual partner at his general or any other permissible legal venue. This shall not be valid if mandatory legal directives prescribe another legal venue. 18.5 The law of German Federal Republic shall apply exclusively, with the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (see also Article 2b CISC regarding auctions) for the contractual agreement and the resulting claims, regardless of the type and against whom they are asserted. This shall also apply to transactions against national borders. 18.6 Should one or more of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions be or become wholly or partly ineffective or should the Terms and Conditions be found to contain omissions, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. The parties undertake, in such cases, to replace the wholly or partly ineffective provision with one which is effective and whose economic purpose most closely reflects that of the ineffective provision.

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Réduction Patek Philippe

Réduction Patek Philippe
faux patek philippe
Réplique de montres patek philippe
Patek philippe réplique de montres Patek Philippe investit 450 millions à Genève Horlogerie Le groupe va développer sur son site de Plan-les-Ouates des activités de formation et d’innovation. Le siège et le site de production du groupe horloger Patek Philippe qui sera agrandi. Image: Keystone

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Dans le sillage des fêtes qui ont commémoré, en 2014, ses 175 ans d’existence, le groupe horloger genevois Patek Philippe a annoncé hier un grand projet: un investissement de 450 millions de francs sur son site de Plan-les-Ouates. Le nouveau bâtiment offrira une surface exploitable d’environ 50'000m2 répartie sur 6 niveaux et 4 étages de sous-sols, précise la manufacture.

Quelles seront les activités, actuelles ou nouvelles, qui seront effectuées dans ces nouveaux locaux? Celles qui sont liées à l’innovation, indispensable dans le domaine de la haute horlogerie. Patek Philippe compte notamment «intensifier la recherche appliquée en techniques horlogères, notamment par l’implantation de nouveaux laboratoires de tests et d’homologation.» Ces développements seront faits en complément des projets de recherche menés dans le cadre de la chaire Patek Philippe de l’EPFL.

L’industriel genevois entend aussi mettre en évidence ce qu’elle appelle les «Métiers de Haut Artisanat»: une nouvelle entité verra le jour, composée d’une quarantaine d’artisans internes et externes. Cette division abritera également un centre de formation à ces métiers. L’horloger veut aussi centraliser à Genève les besoins de formation dans les domaines horlogers, rhabillage et vente marketing pour les distributeurs et détaillants établis en Suisse et à l’étranger.

Le dernier gros investissement de la firme remonte à 1996, lorsque 125 millions de francs avaient été libérés pour le site actuel.

Patek Philippe est un important employeur sur Genève (1600 salariés) mais aussi en Suisse (330 entre les cantons de Neuchâtel, Berne et Jura). Combien de nouveaux emplois sont-ils prévus avec cette extension? Aucune projection n’est formulée, à ce stade. «Mais la capacité estimée pour la conception du nouveau bâtiment est de 2500 personnes», indique Charlène Kurer, l’une des porte-paroles du groupe.

Enfin, cet investissement sera «entièrement autofinancé», précise aussi Patek Philippe. La manufacture horlogère ne tient donc pas à dépendre des banques. Afin de préserver son indépendance. Et celle-ci passe par l’innovation mais aussi, confiait à ce journal en septembre dernier Thierry Stern, président de Patek Philippe, «par une bonne gestion des affaires: il faut avoir des réserves, être financièrement solide pour prévoir les coups durs.»

Les travaux devraient commencer sous peu, après que les autorisations ont été définitivement acceptées. L’inauguration pourrait avoir lieu en 2018. (24 heures)

Créé: 15.01.2015, 09h53

Par Roland Rossier 15.01.2015

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