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Even more stuff for wasting time

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Titles that have not been posted very often

If you have one of them, please post the link at http://isbumsplace.blogspot.com/
------------------------------------------------------------- Perhaps some of you want to post something and are thinking "what titles of my collection have not been posted already ?" I've been following the film music blogs quite a time now and there are actually several more or less common titles (in terms of past and current store availability) that somehow seem to have been slipped away - at least to my eyes. So if any of you want some suggestions for future postings, here is a list of about 150 titles that I think would be interesting for the majority of us around here.

(various) --- Bonanza (4 CDs)--- (CD, Bear Family, )
(various) --- Creature From the Black Lagoon (and Other Jungle Pictures)--- (CD, Monstrous Movie Music, )
(various) --- Hollywood: The Post-War Years 1946-1949 (incl. ""Time Out of Mind + A Double Life (Miklos Rozsa)"")--- (LP, AEI 3104, 1980)
(various) --- Laurel and Hardy Laughtoons Vol. 1 --- (CD, Screen Archives, 2007)
(various) --- Music from CBS Westerns (Gunsmoke + Rawhide + Cimarron Strip)--- (CD, Film Music Society FMS 001, 2004)
(various) --- Shoot 'Em Ups! Music From The Classic Republic Westerns--- (CD, Varese, )
(various) --- The A to Z of British TV Themes Vol. 4--- (CD, Play it Again PL 009, )
Astley, Edwin --- Danger Man (Half Hour Episodes) (2 CDs)--- (CD, Network 7959005, 2008)
Astley, Edwin --- Danger Man (Hour Long Episodes) (5 CDs)--- (CD, Network 7959006, 2008)
Band, Richard --- Prison (CoComposer Christopher L. Stone)--- (LP, , )
Barry, John --- Robin and Marian--- (CD, Prometheus, 2008)
Beltrami, Marco --- The Invisible--- (CD, Hollywood, 2007)
Berlin, Irving --- Alexander's Ragtime Band --- (CD, Screen Archives, )
Bernstein, Elmer --- Anna Lucasta--- (CD, Varese, 2008)
Bernstein, Elmer --- Great Escape (ReRecording)--- (CD, RCA, )
Bernstein, Elmer --- I Love Trouble--- (CD, , )
Bernstein, Elmer --- Introducing Dorothy Dandridge--- (CD, , )
Bernstein, Elmer --- Staccato + Paris Swings--- (CD, DRG, 2008)
Bernstein, Elmer --- The Magnificent Seven (ReRecording Conducted by Bernstein)--- (CD, RCA, )
Bernstein, Elmer --- The Ten Commandments (ReRecording)--- (LP, United Artists, 1966)
Bernstein, Peter --- Bolero--- (LP, , )
Broughton, Bruce --- Infinity--- (CD, Intrada, )
Broughton, Bruce --- One Tough Cop--- (CD, Intrada, )
Broughton, Bruce --- True Women--- (CD, Intrada, )
Conti, Bill --- North and South: Book II (4 CDs)--- (CD, Varese, 2008)
Coulais, Bruno --- Rétrospective (2 CDs)--- (CD, Naïve, 2008)
Debney, John --- G-Savior--- (CD, Son May Records GGG-356, 1999)
Debney, John --- In Pursuit of Honor + Class of '61 (1993)--- (CD, Prometheus Promo, )
Debney, John --- Paulie--- (CD, Varese, 1998)
Elms, Albert --- Man in a Suitcase (5 CDs)--- (CD, Network 7959002, 2008)
Endelman, Stephen --- Grand, The--- (CD, Milan, 2008)
Endelman, Stephen --- O Jerusalem--- (CD, Milan, )
Fenton, George --- A Handful of Dust--- (CD, DRG, )
Fenton, George --- Carla's Song--- (CD, Debonair, )
Fenton, George --- Living Out Loud--- (CD, , )
Fenton, George --- My Name is Joe--- (CD, Debonair, )
Fenton, George --- The Long Walk Home--- (CD, Varese, )
Fenton, George --- The Trials of Life--- (CD, Prestige, )
Fenton, George --- The Woodlanders--- (CD, Debonair, )
Fenton, George --- White Mischief--- (CD, Varese, )
Fiedel, Brad --- Let’s Get Harry--- (LP, , )
Goldenthal, Elliot --- The Green Bird--- (CD, DRG, 1996)
Goodwin, Ron --- Escape From the Dark--- (LP, , 1976)
Gould, Morton --- World War I--- (LP, , )
Grainer, Ron --- Nothing But the Best--- (LP, , )
Grainer, Ron --- Tales of the Unexpected (TV series)--- (LP, , )
Grusin, Dave --- Cinemagic--- (CD, GRP, 1987)
Grusin, Dave --- Dinner With Friends--- (CD, Jellybean, )
Grusin, Dave --- Selena--- (CD, Angel, )
Herrmann, Bernard --- Music From Great Shakespearean Films--- (CD, , )
Holdridge, Lee --- The Explorers: A Century of Discovery--- (CD, Intrada, 2008)
Hoppe, Michael --- Misunderstood--- (LP, , )
Horner, James --- Freedom Song--- (CD, , 2000)
Isham, Mark --- At First Sight--- (CD, , 1999)
Isham, Mark --- Billy Bathgate--- (CD, , 1991)
Isham, Mark --- Last Dance--- (CD, , 1996)
Isham, Mark --- Losing Isaiah--- (CD, , 1995)
Isham, Mark --- Love at Large--- (CD, , 1990)
Isham, Mark --- Made in America--- (CD, , 1993)
Isham, Mark --- Miami Rhapsody--- (CD, , 1995)
Isham, Mark --- Save the Last Dance--- (CD, , 2001)
Isham, Mark --- Sketch Artist--- (CD, , 1992)
Isham, Mark --- The Education of Little Tree--- (CD, , 1997)
Isham, Mark --- The Moderns--- (CD, , 1988)
Isham, Mark --- The Public Eye--- (CD, , 1992)
Jarre, Maurice --- Jesus of Nazareth (expanded)--- (CD, , )
Jones, Trevor --- Mississippi Burning--- (CD, Antilles, )
Kamen, Michael --- The Krays--- (CD, Parkfield Music PMCD 5018, 1990)
Kaper, Bronislau --- Ride, Vaquero! (+ The Outriders (1950) (Andre Previn))--- (CD, Film Score Monthly, 2007)
Khachaturian, Aram --- Othello + The Battle of Stalingrad--- (CD, Marco Polo, )
Kilar, Wojciech --- Magnificat + Victoria--- (CD, , 2008)
Kilar, Wojciech --- Triptych (Bogurodzica (12:07) + Angelus (23:15) + Exodus (22:54))--- (CD, Dux, 2005)
Korngold, Erich Wolfgang --- A Midsummer Night's Dream (Gerd Albrecht Conducting)--- (CD, cpo, 1998)
Korngold, Erich Wolfgang --- Juarez + The Prince and the Pauper (1937) + Between Two Worlds (1944) (2 CDs with OST)--- (CD, Tsunami TCI 0626, )
Korngold, Erich Wolfgang --- Juarez + The Sea Wolf (1941) + The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939) (James Sedares Conducting)--- (CD, Koch, 2000)
Korngold, Erich Wolfgang --- Music by Erich Wolfgang Korngold (Lionel Newman Conducting)--- (CD, DCC Compact Classics GZS-1094, 1996)
Korngold, Erich Wolfgang --- The Constant Nymph (OST)--- (CD, Tsunami TSU 0138, 1997)
Korngold, Erich Wolfgang --- The Sea Hawk (Rumon Gamba Conducting) (Chandos Vol. 2)--- (CD, Chandos, 2007)
Korngold, Erich Wolfgang --- The Sea Wolf + The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) (Rumon Gamba Conducting) (Chandos Vol. 1)--- (CD, Chandos, 2005)
Kral, Robert J. --- Batman: Gotham Knight--- (CD, La-La Land, 2008)
Lambert, Constant --- The Film Music of Constant Lambert and Lord Berners--- (CD, Chandos, 2008)
Lava, William --- Dracula vs. Frankenstein--- (CD, Elysee, 2008)
Mancini, Henry --- Gaily, Gaily--- (LP, RCA, 1969)
Mancini, Henry --- In the Pink--- (CD, RCA, 1984)
Mancini, Henry --- The Mancini Generation (TV)--- (LP, RCA, 1972)
McNeely, Joel --- Lover's Prayer--- (CD, Varese, 2000)
McNeely, Joel --- Samantha--- (CD, Intrada, 1992)
McNeely, Joel --- The Towering Inferno and Other Disaster Classics (Joel McNeely Conducting)--- (CD, Varese, 1998)
Newman, Alfred --- Alfred Newman Conducts His Great Film Music--- (LP, Angel S-36066, )
Newman, Alfred --- Dragonwyck --- (CD, Screen Archives, 2002)
Newman, Alfred --- The Film Music of Alfred Newman--- (LP, Citadel CT-7015, )
Newman, Alfred --- Tribute to Alfred Newman--- (CD, Koch, )
Newman, David --- My Demon Lover--- (LP, Varese, 1987)
Newman, David --- The Sandlot--- (CD, Varese CD Club, )
Newman, Thomas --- Flesh and Bone--- (CD, Varese, )
Newman, Thomas --- Josh and S.A.M.--- (CD, Varese, )
Newman, Thomas --- The Linguini Incident--- (CD, Varese, )
Newman, Thomas --- The Salton Sea--- (CD, Varese, )
Newman, Thomas --- Unstrung Heroes--- (CD, Hollywood, )
Ottman, John --- Urban Legends: Final Cut--- (CD, Varese, 2000)
Powell, John --- Two Weeks Notice--- (CD, Varese, )
Revell, Graeme --- Human Nature--- (CD, Virgin, 2001)
Rosenman, Leonard --- Jurij--- (CD, Rai Trade/Intermezzo Media CRT 302, 2003)
Rosenman, Leonard --- Rebel - Music from the Films of James Dean (ReRecording) (2 CDs)--- (CD, Edel, 1993)
Rosenman, Leonard --- The Bible--- (CD, GTSP AUD 803, 1994)
Rosenthal, Laurence --- Who'll Stop the Rain--- (CD, Intrada, 2008)
Rozsa, Miklos --- Blood on the Sun --- (CD, Citadel Records STC 77137, 2006)
Rozsa, Miklos --- Brute Force + The Naked City (1948) + The Killers (1946) (OST)--- (CD, Soundtrack Library CD 76, 2001)
"Rozsa, Miklos --- Double Life (incl. ""The Strange Love of Martha Ivers"")--- (LP, Medallion ML 314, )"
Rozsa, Miklos --- King of Kings + El Cid (1961) + Ben-Hur (1959) (Richard Müller-Lampertz Conducting)--- (CD, Varese VCD 47268, 1986)
Rozsa, Miklos --- Quo Vadis? + Ben-Hur (1959) (2 CDs)--- (CD, Dutton Vocalion CDLK 4332, 2006)
Salter, Hans J. --- Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror + Ghost of Frankenstein--- (CD, Marco Polo, )
Schifrin, Lalo --- Four Muskeers (expanded), The--- (CD, Label X, 2008)
Schifrin, Lalo --- Kaleidoscope (Jazz Meets the Symphony 6)--- (CD, Aleph, 2005)
Schifrin, Lalo --- Spooks--- (CD, Aleph, 2008)
Schnittke, Alfred --- Film Music Vol. I--- (CD, Capriccio, )
Schnittke, Alfred --- Film Music Vol. II--- (CD, Capriccio, )
Schnittke, Alfred --- Film Music Vol. III--- (CD, Capriccio, )
Schwartz, David --- Magic in the Water--- (CD, Varese, )
Scott, John --- Becoming Colette--- (CD, JOS, )
Scott, John --- Cousteau: Stairway to the Sea--- (CD, JOS, )
Scott, John --- Odyssee of the Belem - 4 symphonic tableaux for orchestra --- (CD, JOS, )
Scott, John --- The Lucona Affair--- (CD, JOS, )
Scott, John --- The Mill on the Floss--- (CD, JOS, )
Scott, John --- The Swiss Family Robinson--- (CD, JOS, )
Serra, Eric --- Decalage horaire--- (CD, Eastwest France, 2002)
Serra, Eric --- Kamikaze--- (CD, Moleskin 18202, )
Serra, Eric --- Le dernier combat--- (LP, RCA PL 37760, 1983)
Sherman, Richard M. --- In Search of the Castaways (CoComposer William Alwyn)--- (LP, Disneyland, )
Sherman, Richard M. --- Snoopy Come Home--- (LP, , )
Sherman, Richard M. --- The Magic of Lassie--- (LP, , )
Sherman, Richard M. --- Tom Sawyer + Huckleberry Finn (1974)--- (CD, Varese, 2004)
Shire, David --- David Shire at the Movies (incl. Suite for Cocktail Piano)--- (CD, Kritzerland, )
Shostakovich, Dmitri --- Hamlet + The Gadfly--- (CD, Capriccio, )
Shostakovich, Dmitri --- Odna--- (CD, Naxos, 2008)
Shostakovich, Dmitri --- Soja + The Fall of Berlin--- (CD, Capriccio, )
Shostakovich, Dmitri --- The Film Music of Dimitri Shostakovich, Vol. 3 --- (CD, Chandos, 2006)
Silverstein, Shel --- Ned Kelly--- (LP, , )
Steiner, Max --- Great Love Themes From Motion Pictures--- (LP, RCA Victor LPM 1170, )
Steiner, Max --- Marjorie Morningstar (2 CDs)--- (CD, Screen Archives, )
Tiomkin, Dimitri --- High Noon + The Alamo + 55 Days at Peking + Cyrano de Bergerac--- (CD, RCA, 1995)
Waxman, Franz --- My Cousin Rachel--- (CD, Varese, 2008)
Waxman, Franz --- Night and the City (CoComposer Benjamin Frankel)--- (CD, Screen Archives, 2003)
Williams, John --- America, the Dream Goes On--- (CD, Philips, 1985)
Williams, John --- Jazz Beginnings (1956-1958) (2 CDs)--- (CD, Fresh Sound, 2007)
Williams, John --- Pops on the March--- (CD, Philips, 1980)
Williams, John --- Salute to America--- (CD, Sony, 1996)
Young, Christopher --- Judas Kiss (+ 4 tracks from other scores)--- (CD, Citadel STC 77130, 2000)
Young, Christopher --- Scenes of the Crime + A Child's Game--- (CD, Buysoundtrax, 2008)
Young, Victor --- Cinema Rhapsodies - The Musical Genius of Victor Young--- (CD, , )
Young, Victor --- The Greatest Show on Earth--- (LP, RCA Victor LPM 3018, )

posted by Omega at 10:30 AM

168 Comments: Anonymous   Anonymous said...

What about " Stranger than Paradise" from John lurie?

7:15 PM   Blogger  Horror Theatre said...

ummm. The Krays. That would be a BIG find if it's out there. I've searched forever for this soundtrack and no luck at all.

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Christian Louboutin Moira 20 Pompes

Christian Louboutin Moira 20 Pompes
€153.09  €129.27
Economie : 16%
Hommes Christian Louboutin Nuria Uomo naturel

Hommes Christian Louboutin Nuria Uomo naturel
€144.48  €133.92
Economie : 7%
Christian Louboutin Toundra Coyote-Fourrure Gris Chaussons

Christian Louboutin Toundra Coyote-Fourrure Gris Chaussons
€182.81  €147.87
Economie : 19%

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Plato 120 pointues Toe Pumps rose

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Plato 120 pointues Toe Pumps rose
€155.91  €129.27
Economie : 17%
Christian Louboutin peep toe Maotic 120 Bottines Blanc

Christian Louboutin peep toe Maotic 120 Bottines Blanc
€164.03  €139.50
Economie : 15%
Hommes Christian Louboutin John John Grey

Hommes Christian Louboutin John John Grey
€171.27  €147.87
Economie : 14%

Christian Louboutin Catch Me 100mm Bottines Camel

Christian Louboutin Catch Me 100mm Bottines Camel
€171.74  €139.50
Economie : 19%
Christian Louboutin Vaudou Noir d'Ivoire

Christian Louboutin Vaudou Noir d'Ivoire
€125.18  €109.74
Economie : 12%
Christian Louboutin New Pompes simples 120mm Améthyste

Christian Louboutin New Pompes simples 120mm Améthyste
€157.34  €129.27
Economie : 18%