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See More Wood Tool Box Wooden Tool Boxes Wood Too congiazi. Réplique patek philippe aquanautls Patek Philippe Storage Cabinets Tool Cabinets Drawer Storage Cupboards Antiques Forward Not just any cabinet, it is an original watchmakers chest from the late 1800’s that was once used by Patek Philippe. The exquisite tool cabinet is all set to go under the hammer at the Antiquorum Geneva sale where it is expected to fetch between $6500 and $8500.

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Copier Patek Philippe

Copier Patek Philippe
Réplique patek philippe nautilus
Réplique patek philippe calatrava
Patek philippe réplique de montres
Copier Patek Philippe The largest auction house in the south of Holland Home Auctions International Arts, Antique and Jewelry Auction House Clearance Auction Auction Results Terms and Conditions Catalog Consignment Appraisals House Clearance Service Contact Bid List (0) A trusted auction
house for many years
known worldwide Specialized in the
most beautiful antique
and designer jewelry An expert in
China Porcelain
and Asiatica Only 10% consignor
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International Arts,
Antique and Jewelry Auction Welcome

We would like to welcome you to VeilingHuis De Jager, the largest auction house in the South of Holland with expertise in Arts, Antiques, Jewelry, China Porcelain, Silver & Collectibles. Our worldwide client base provides our clients with the best option to consign.  The consignment fee for our International Arts, Antique and Jewelry auction is only 10%.

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How may we help you? want to buy want to sell Auction results Censer Celadon, 12x13x13 cm. 25/08/2015 Hammer price: € 2.200,- Pin Dutch Voorhoofdsnaald, 18ct Gold 25/08/2015 Hammer price: € 2.400,- Red Corral 5 Strands 25/08/2015 Hammer price: € 19.000,- Drawing Leonello Spada, 54 x 36 cm. 26/08/2015 Hammer price: € 5.500,- Candle Sticks Four 18th c. Dutch Silver Candle Sticks 13/10/2015 Hammer price: € 26.000,- Lalique 5 pieces of glasswork 26/08/2015 Hammer price: € 2.800,- Teapot Yixing, Robin's Egg 25/08/2015 Hammer price: € 16.000,- Traveling Cutlery 19th c. Dutch Traveling Cutlery set 25/08/2015 Hammer price: € 3.000,- Red Corral 3 Strands 25/08/2015 Hammer price: € 15.000,- Ring 14ct Gold, Ruby 25/08/2015 Hammer price: € 1.100,- Lidded Jar China, 18th c. 19/05/2015 Hammer price: € 20.000,- Plate Chine de Commande 18th c. 19/05/2015 Hammer price: € 22.000,- Stupa China, Gilded Bronze 19/05/2015 Hammer price: € 5.000,- Buddha China, 18th c. Gilded Bronze 19/05/2015 Hammer price: € 19.000,- Pendulum Clock Au bon sauvage, c 1810, gilded bronze 19/05/2015 Hammer price: € 11.000,- Telescope van der Bildt, 18th c. bronze 20/05/2015 Hammer price: € 7.000,- Red Corral 5 Strands 20/05/2015 Hammer price: € 15.000,- Bracelet 14ct whitegold, diamonds 13/10/2015 Hammer price: € 6.500,- Case Containing Sèvres service 24/02/2015 Hammer price: € 3.600,- Lamp 19th c. gilded bronze 24/02/2015 Hammer price: € 1.400,- Chalice Silver, 19th c. France 24/02/2015 Hammer price: € 950,- Pendulum France, 19th c. gilded bronze 24/02/2015 Hammer price: € 3.200,- Service Silver, G. van Ham, Brussels 24/02/2015 Hammer price: € 3.600,- Plate China, 18th c. Famile Verte 15/10/2015 Hammer price: € 1.800,- Red Corral 4 Strands 15/10/2014 Hammer price: € 26.000,- Painting Oil on canvas, Ben Viegers 15/10/2014 Hammer price: € 7.500,- Ring 18ct gold, yellow diamond 15/10/2014 Hammer price: € 2.600,- Carving Ivory, 19th c. 14/10/2014 Hammer price: € 3.200,- Red Corral 3 Strands, 298 grams 14/10/2014 Hammer price: € 18.000,- Red Corral 3 Strands, 313 grams 19/11/2013 Hammer price: € 30.000,- Red Corral 3 Strands, 297 grams 19/08/2014 Hammer price: € 8.000,- Cap Scheveningen, Silver/Gold 19/08/2014 Hammer price: € 1.800,- Pins 19th century 10/06/2014 Hammer price: € 700,- Pin 18ct gold, c 1800 19/08/2014 Hammer price: € 9.000,- Earings 19th c. Diamonds/Pearls 19/08/2014 Hammer price: € 1.200,- Earings 14ct gold, garnets 15/04/2014 Hammer price: € 3.500,- Jumeau Doll c 1860, original clothing 15/04/2014 Hammer price: € 2.200,- Strikken 18ct gold 19/08/2014 Hammer price: € 500,- Table Lamp Schneider, Le Verre Francais 11/06/2015 Hammer price: € 2.200,- Keelknopen 19th c. 18ct gold 08/10/2013 Hammer price: € 2.400,- Etagere Walnut, Jugendstil 11/06/2014 Hammer price: € 3.200,- Sculpture Bronze/Ivory, c 1920 21/01/2014 Hammer price: € 1.700,- Tabacco Jar Silver, The Hague, 1764 21/01/2014 Hammer price: € 1.900,- Vase Daum Nancy France, Cameo 11/06/2014 Hammer price: € 3.800,- Tea box Silver, Batavia, c 1700 10/06/2014 Hammer price: € 9.000,- Traveling Cutlery 18th c. silver 15/04/2014 Hammer price: € 1.900,- Tea caddy Miniature silver, 18th c. 08/10/2013 Hammer price: € 2.000,- Painting Oil on canvas, Evert Moll 21/01/2014 Hammer price: € 1.700,- Clock set 3-pieces. 19th c. 04/03/2014 Hammer price: € 12.500,- Red Corral 3 Strands, 253 grams 15/04/2014 Hammer price: € 6.000,- Painting signed George Keyt 21/01/2014 Hammer price: € 9.500,- Traveling Cutlery Silver, 17th/18th c. 21/01/2014 Hammer price: € 1.600,- Pistols France, c 1770, flintlock 10/06/2014 Hammer price: € 2.800,- Cutlery Miniature silver, 18th c. 08/10/2013 Hammer price: € 6.500,- Jacket Chanel 10/06/2014 Hammer price: € 500,- Plates China, 19th c. polychrome 15/04/2014 Hammer price: € 650,- Handbag Hermès, leather 10/06/2014 Hammer price: € 3.000,- Painting Oil on panel, Rooskens 15/04/2014 Hammer price: € 4.200,- Necklace 5 Strands of garnets, 14ct gold 15/04/2014 Hammer price: € 1.200,- Plates Famile Rose, 18th c. 15/04/2014 Hammer price: € 750,- Red Corral 1 strand exceptional size 17/11/2015 Hammer price: € 12.000,- Teapot Yixing, 19th c. 17/11/2015 Hammer price: € 4.400,- Bowls China, 19th c. 17/11/2015 Hammer price: € 2.800,- Pocket watch 18ct gold, IWC 17/11/2015 Hammer price: € 2.000,- Cassette Christofle, France 17/11/2015 Hammer price: € 1.800,- Porcelain China. 19th c. 17/11/2015 Hammer price: € 3.600,- Porcelain China, 19th c. 17/11/2015 Hammer price: € 1.500,- Bowl Celadon, ø13 cm 17/11/2015 Hammer price: € 5.000,- Barometer Amsterdam, 18th c. 17/11/2015 Hammer price: € 3.200,- Bible 1791, silver mountings 17/11/2015 Hammer price: € 2.200,- 18th / 19th Century China Porcelain Bud Vase Blue underglaze, 36 x 18 x 18 cm. 09/02/2016 Hammer price: € 3.200,- Vase silver, Georg Jensen 09/02/2016 Hammer price: € 6.000,- Red Coral 1 strand 09/02/2016 Hammer price: € 4.600,- Teapot Yixing 13/02/2016 Hammer price: € 3.600,- China de Commande 09/02/2016 Hammer price: € 1.700,- Earrings 2 Ct. diamond each 09/02/2016 Hammer price: € 1.900,- Bowls China, 18th century 10/02/2016 Hammer price: € 4.600,- Painting signed van Vries, 1651 10/02/2016 Hammer price: € 2.400,- Wanli Bowl Marked and in the period of Wanli with 6 characters, very fine detail in unusually large size, with decor of waterfowl, 28 x 14 x 28 cm. 26/04/2016 Hammer price: € 28.000,- Miniature Jade 9 x 9 x 4 cm. 26/04/2016 Hammer price: € 2.400,- China Porcelain Bowl Decor of children, 21 x 10 x 21 cm., hairline and chip. 26/04/2016 Hammer price: € 9.000,- Glass Circa 1750 Engravings depict the family weapon of Anna van Hannover, similar example may be seen in the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam, 9 x 19 x 9 cm. 26/04/2016 Hammer price: € 1.900,- Meissen Teapot Circa 1735, an example can be seen in the Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam, 19 x 11 x 9 cm. 26/04/2016 Hammer price: € 1.600,- Triptych Ivory Depicting diverse armies including French and Russian army scenes, very fine detailed carvings, 22x 16 x 1 cm. 26/04/2016 Hammer price: € 850,- Telescope Jan van Deijl and Son, Amsterdam, 1790, a similar example may be found in the Teylers Museum Haarlen, 16 x 4 x 4 cm. 26/04/2016 Hammer price: € 850,- Masai Shield 118 x 53 x 12 cm. 26/04/2016 Hammer price: € 1.000,- 18th Century China Porcelain Bowl Marked with double ring and 6 characters, scalloped design, 23 x 12 x 23 cm. 13/07/2016 Hammer price: € 4.000,- Lot of China Porcelain 18th Century Cups & Saucers Including 11 saucers and 8 cups, milk and blood decor, saucers are 10 cm in diameter, chip + 1 saucer with hairline. 13/07/2016 Hammer price: € 2.400,- Exceptionaly Large 18th Century Yixing Teapot 33 x 16 x 17 cm., chip on spout and small pieces are missing from appliqu�s. 13/07/2016 Hammer price: € 6.000,- 18th / 19th Century Carved Chinese Wood Sculpture Polychromed wood, depicting a temple watcher, 30 x 76 x 27 cm. 13/07/2016 Hammer price: € 4.000,- Yixing Teapot in Bamboo Decor 15 x 9 x 7 cm. 13/07/2016 Hammer price: € 8.000,- Lot of 2 19th Century China Porcelain Vases Full decoration on both sides, 59 cm tall. 13/07/2016 Hammer price: € 13.000,- Singed Karel Appel Mixed Media on Paper 1953 (1921-2006), including 3 works 25 x 25 cm., with certificate of the Karel Appel Foundation. 13/07/2016 Hammer price: € 6.500,- 18KG Patek Philippe & Co Pocket Watch 1887 Geneva, back of case is engraved with a family wapen and text Invia Virtuti Nulla Est Via (with courage no road is impossible), 46 mm in diameter, numbered 75801, with certificate from Patek Philippe, 73 gram. 13/07/2016 Hammer price: € 2.400,- Rozenburg Den Haag Sconce by Jurriaan Kok (1861 - 1919), 20 x 8 x 13 cm., hairline. 13/07/2016 Hammer price: € 3.200,- Lot of 5 China Porcelain Plates Famille Rose decor of Romance in the West Room, 23 cm in diameter, chip. 13/07/2016 Hammer price: € 3.000,- China Porcelain Vase Marked with seal mark on the bottom, 23 cm tall., hairline. 19/09/2016 Hammer price: € 15.000,- Beautiful Djokja Silver Cutlery Service in Cassette 800/1000 silver, beautiful decor, 5200 grams excluding knives. 19/09/2016 Hammer price: € 2.400,- Yixing Teapot 30 x 19 x 20 cm., lid is restored. 19/09/2016 Hammer price: € 16.000,- 18th / 19th Century Icon 20 x 30 x 2 cm. 19/09/2016 Hammer price: € 2.400,- Singed H.C. Reply Oil on Panel Dated 1902, 72 x 42 cm. 19/09/2016 Hammer price: € 3.000,- Dutch Silver Tobacco Box Hallmarked with old markings, 8 x 7 x 5 cm. 19/09/2016 Hammer price: € 1.800,- China Porcelain Brush Pot Polychrome decor, 20 x 16 x 20 cm. 19/09/2016 Hammer price: € 9.000,- Chinese Bronze Censer 26 x 18 x 26 cm. 19/09/2016 Hammer price: € 4.600,- Bronze Gilded Sculpture Depicting Chinese man, 42 cm tall. 19/09/2016 Hammer price: € 11.000,- Signed Copier Vase Free blown with very thick walls, Utica Leerdam T 207, usually exceptional quality and unusual large size, circa 1940, 21 x 31 x 21 cm. 19/09/2016 Hammer price: € 6.000,- Beautiful 19th Century Deep Red Red Coral Necklace 5 strands of beautiful deep red coral strung onto 14KG Walcheren clasp, diameter of red coral is 9 - 10 mm., 314 gram. 26/11/2016 Hammer price: € 10.000,- Beautiful Antique Rose Cut Diamond Bracelet Over 1 CTW 14KG, 19th Century, set with approximately 120 rose cut and old european cut diamonds, largest diamond is 7 x 7 mm. = 0.80 carat., 35 gram. 26/11/2016 Hammer price: € 5.000,- Gervais Paris Marble Lyre Pendulum Clock 1820 - 1840 Beautiful white marble with beautifully decorated painted face, bronze accents, 64 cm. tall. 26/11/2016 Hammer price: € 6.000,- Dutch Silver Cutlery and Service Gerritsen, including 12 piece coffee spoons, 12 mocca spoons, 12 large knives, 12 small knives, 12 fish knives, 12 dessert knives, 12 cocktail spoons, 12 breakfast knives, 8 under plates, 8 finger bowls, 8 knife rests, 8 oyster forks, 8 lobster forks, 1 cheese slicer, 1 ladle, 1 pie server, 1 salad server, 2 gravy ladles, 2 covered serving dishes, 2 pastry spoons, 1 bread knife, 1 trencher couvert and 5 serving dishes, weight is 16.28 KG excluding knives. 26/11/2016 Hammer price: € 6.000,- China Porcelain Vase Marked with 4 characters on the bottom, 40 cm. tall. 26/11/2016 Hammer price: € 8.000,- Stunning Antique Diamond Earrings Approximately 2.5 CTW 14KG, each earring is set with 28 rose cut diamonds, largest diamond measures 9 x 10 mm. approximately 1.2 carat each for a total weight of approximately 2.5 carats. 26/11/2016 Hammer price: € 3.400,- Chinese Cloisonn� Censer 21 x 12 x 13 cm. 26/11/2016 Hammer price: € 20.000,- Chinese Gilt Bronze Lion Sculpture Marked with 6 characters on the belly, 16 x 14 x 7 cm. 17/02/2017 Hammer price: € 32.000,- Diverse Lot of China Porcelain Yongzheng Tea Set Including teapot 13 cm. tall, 3 cups and 2 saucers, please see Christie's sale 8996 lot 370, includes restorations and some applique decor is missing. 17/02/2017 Hammer price: € 4.400,- 18th Century Chine de Commande Decor Plate Depicting Dutch ships and the Table Mountain, 27 cm. in diameter, chip. 17/02/2017 Hammer price: € 5.000,- French Ormolu Empire Clock Depicting horse and chariot, 52 x 58 x 16 cm. 17/02/2017 Hammer price: € 6.500,- 16th / 17th Century Gilt Bronze Buddha Sculpture Remnants of polychrome paint, 22 cm. tall. 17/02/2017 Hammer price: € 9.000,- Singed China Porcelain Republic Period Vase Signed Liu Yucen, as reference in book Chinese Porcelain of the Republic Period, page 209, 56 cm. tall. 17/02/2017 Hammer price: € 14.000,- 19th Century Imperial Embroidered Silk Chinese Jacket Very fine detailed embroidery, 184 cm. wide from sleeve to sleeve. 17/02/2017 Hammer price: € 4.600,- 5 Piece China Porcelain Kangxi Period Garniture Set Marked Chengua with floral decor of Chinese treasures along with depiction of ladies with rabbits in blue under glaze 28 cm. tall chip in 1 lid. 17/02/2017 Hammer price: € 24.000,- China Porcelain Snuff Bottle Marked Qianlong 7 cm. tall. 17/02/2017 Hammer price: € 4.400,- China Porcelain Cache Pot 26 x 18 x 26 cm. 17/02/2017 Hammer price: € 9.000,- China Porcelain Mille Fleur Decor Vase Marked with seal mark on the bottom 50 cm. tall. 17/02/2017 Hammer price: € 8.000,- Chinese Celadon Cong Shape Crackle Ware Decor Vase Marked with seal mark on the bottom, 34 cm. tall. 17/02/2017 Hammer price: € 10.000,- Carved Red Coral Sculpture 1500 gram total weight including base, 42 x 32 x 11 cm. 17/02/2017 Hammer price: € 10.000,- IGI Certified Approx. 4.20 Ct. VS2 Diamond Ring Beautiful diamond certified by IGI in Antwerp as VS2 ring size is 18. 17/02/2017 Hammer price: € 15.000,- China Porcelain Vase Marked with seal mark on the bottom 15 cm. tall. 17/02/2017 Hammer price: € 17.000,- Imperial Chinese Carpet 123 x 220 cm. 17/02/2017 Hammer price: € 16.000,- Contact

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