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Montre Patek Philippe. An exceptionally fine, rare and important... | Argus des Montres Montres Patek avqlmsyk. Réplique de montres patek philippePhilippe

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Montres Patek Philippe

Réplique patek philippe aquanaut
Montres Patek Philippe
Meilleures répliques de montres patek philippe Patek Philippe France Afficher les N° 10 pl Vendôme , 75001 PARIS Vente de montres écrire un avis Afficher les N°

Rolex, Patek Philippe, Movado, TAG Heuer, Montres, Omega ripoff, low quality products for Swiss watches, look at these problems! poor quality scams New York New York Print this Report Email this Report Tweet

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Have a look at the serious problems people have reported with their watches below. Some super high-end brands have had some serious problems and have horrible customer service. Take a look and learn something. Here are the results of the Watch Quality Survey answering this question: SURVEY QUESTION "Looking to determine the % of new watches that have a problem during the first year. List all the watches you have purchased (by make and model) and any problem or, equally important, indicate if there is no problem. Do not report accuracey errors if they are within +10s, -4s per day. If we get enough responses I will tabulate the results and post a summary by make. " RESULTS We received 55 responses representing ownership of 336 watches over a three day period (March 9-12, 2001). The results of this survey is not at all scientific, particularly for the smaller sample sizes. Also, a large majority of the defects were cosmetic or watch accuracy. Rather than draw any conclusions I will leave it to you to do so and post your comments. Following the table is the actual submitted information so you can read the particulars and draw your own conclusions. By the way, the most popular brand among the participants is Omega. Others are miscellaneous brands in which their sample size was typically 1-3. TABLE OF RESULTS The table below (which can't be aligned using this software, has 3 figures, the total number of watches of the brand, the number of those watches reported with no problems, and the % of the watches reported with problems of any degree, even minor ones) brand (# watches - no problems - % probs), others (78 - 59 - 0.24), omega (43 - 32 - 0.26), iwc (29 - 26 - 0.10), jlc (23 - 15 - 0.35), rolex (22 - 18 - 0.18), minerva (18 - 10 - 0.44), breitling(15 - 10 - 0.33), seiko (15 - 10 - 0.33), invicta (12 - 7 - 0.42), patek (12 - 8 - 0.33), blancpain(12 - 8 - 0.33), zenith (11 - 8 - 0.27), oris (7 - 5 - 0.29), un (7 - 5 - 0.29), GP (7 - 6 - 0.14), hamilton(6 - 5 - 0.17), fortis (5 - 2 - 0.60), panerai (5 - 3 - 0.40), ap (5 - 5 - 0.00), limes (4 - 4 - 0.00), (total 336 246 0.27) Submitted Data: 55 participants OMEGA 43 watches / 32 no problems Omega Seamaster Professional America's Cup - No Problems Omega Seamaster Ladies 120 - No Problems Omega Speedmaster Professional X-33 - No Problems Omega Speedmaster Professional w/Display Back - No Problems Omega SMP #2054.50 Perfect Omega GMT on strap Perfect Omega SMP - No Problems Omega Speedmaster - Auto winding problem - fixed by Omega Omega Speedmaster Racing LE - no problem Omega Seamaster: (quartz) Ate three batteries in 11 months. Sent to Omega and was fixed (just barely) under warranty. No further problems. Omega Speedmaster: No problems. Omega Speedmaster Automatic (7751) - intermittant, then rather more mittant, and finally complete, stopping. Omega's NY service center sent it back to me running, but with a scratch on the hour hand and the hour register hand misaligned. Omega Seamaster Pro Chrono - chronograph function became faulty, refunded Omega SMP Chrono NP Omega Seamaster Pro: no problems Omega Dynamic Chrono: no problems Omega SMP Chrono: Manual winding led to feel of grinding and resistance, fixed under warranty. Omega Ladies Constellation, mini size, half bar (quartz) - no problem Omega Speedmaster Professional (bought in 1992): Straight out of the box, improper resetting of chrono minute accumulator, effectively causing it to restart at 00:01:00 instead of 00:00:00. Common problem with this watch, it seems. It was easily corrected by a watchmaker who was familiar with the problem. Omega Speedmaster Professional, no problems (purchased new two years ago) Omega Seamaster "Bond" sent back because the crown wasn't screwing down Omega Seamaster Multifunction - During the last three years sent back to Omega twice to fix/replace digital module (each time covered by warranty) - no problems in last 10 months Omega Schumacher (aka Crayola) Speedy Auto - no problems in 6 months Omega Constellation (ladies) -- no problems Omega SMP Auto NP Omega Dynamic Chrono: Spring jumped out of position Omega Speedmaster Reduced: No problems Omega Seamaster -- dust on dial, stopped, clasp failed Omega Seamaster Pro No Problem Omega Seamaster Pro Chronograph No Problem Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch No Problem Omega Triple Date No Problem Omega Speedmaster Professional: No problems Omega X-33 - NP Omega Seamaster NP Omega Seamaster Professional Chronograph ETA7750 : As chronograph function of ETA7750 had broken down 3 times , I sent it to SWATCH Group Japan 3 times . Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph Lemania861 :No problem Omega Speedmaster Automatic ETA2894-2 :No problem Omega Speedmaster Automatic MARK40 ETA7761:No problem Omega smp mid qtz np Omega smp gmt np Omega Constell.: No probs Omega Seamaster Pro (Titanium)- no problems. ROLEX 22 watches / 18 no problem I had a problem with a Rolex Oyster Perpetual, steel & gold, no date, which I bought new from an authorized dealer. When I got home and tried to set the time, I was left with the crown in my hand. The watch was replaced with a new one. Rolex Submariner - no problem Rolex Oyster Date - No problems Rolex Date: Lost up to 5 minutes per day! Sent to Rolex three times. Rolex datejust (women's size - for wife): Slowing 12-15 sec/day Rolex GMT master II : No problems Rolex GMT II - NP Rolex Explorer II - NP Rolex Sub "P" serial np Rolex Explorer I - no problems Rolex OP Date - no problems Rolex Datejust - No problems, sold watch anyway rolex sub np - sold to help pay for HD rolex sub ss / 18k np- sold to get wife diamond ring rolex date just np Rolex GMT II - No problems Rolex Yachtmaster - defective stem seal. Repaired. Bracelet poor, on new strap now. Runs perfectly. Rolex Submarine DATE :No problem . Rolex Submariner No Problem Rolex Explorer I - no problems Rolex OP Date - no problems Rolex Submariner: No problems IWC - 29 watches / 26 no problems All IWC's fine (5) IWC Flieger mecaquartz - no problems IWC Ingenieur 3521 - no problems IWC Flieger - no problem IWC UTC - no problem IWC Portuguese Chrono - No problems IWC Fleigerchrono - no problems IWC UTC NP IWC UTC np Iwc flieger np Iwc utc np IWC Flieger - no problem :IWC UTC - no problem IWC Fleigerchrono--Poor dial printing/dust; imperfect reset to zero IWC Flieger No Problem IWC Fliegerchrono: Stem gasket failure. Returned to IWC for replacement under warranty, no problems since. (two years +) IWC MK XII: No Problems IWC Portugueser Automatic Chronograph - no problem IWC Ingenieur: No problems IWC Flieger mecaquartz - no problems IWC Aquatimer: Link problem, fixed under warranty. IWC Ingenieur 3521 - no problems IWC Portuguese Chrono np IWC Inge: Insecure closing on bracelet clasp; touched up at IWC, no probs since. IWC Portu. Rattrapante: No problems PATEK - 12 watches / 8 no problems A Patek Philippe 5035 bought new from an authorized dealer, was running almost a minute fast a day. Im waiting for it to return from Switzerland. Ive waited almost four months now. Patek 5035- no problem Patek 5036 no problem (stays fully wound with ordinary left arm mvts.) Patek 3802 no problem (stays fully wound with ordinary left arm mvts.) Patek 5035 - no problems (had 3 years) Patek Ladies moonphase 4857: no problem Patek Calatrava (I): Winding stem falls off while attempting to adjust time. Repaired by independent watchmaker, no problems since. Patek Calatrava (II): Poor quality control on original dial. Returned to H. Stern for replacement. Returned perfect. Patek 5035 - NP Patek Aquanaut - low reserve; fixed in one week Patek 5035 np I had many months of problems getting a new Patek 5035 regulated properly. It has to be sent to Patek NYC three times and finally they got it right. It was a long struggle to get this watch the way it should have been in the first place. JLC - 23 watches / 15 no problems JLC Master moon - gaining 2minutes a day JLC Reveil- discolouration of dial JLC Master Moon - Erratic Winding kept stopping - refunded 3 weeks JLC Reverso Duo NP JLC Master Lady: sent back for dust on dial, then no problem JLC Reverso Duetto: no problem JLC Reverso Duo - no problems in 3 months JLC Master Reveil: No problems JLC Master Date: No problems JLC RDM - mainspring defect, repaired under warranty, loose piece of rubber in movement (charged for pressure check even though watch under warranty?!) JLC RendezVous (ladies) - no problems JLC Reveil No Problem JLC Ultrathin - NP JLC Geographic - second hand pauses and skips JLC Reverso Duo NP JLC Geographic np JLC Sun/ Moon np JLC Reverso Duo rose gold np Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Gran'sport - no problem JLC GTaille: No probs. Jaeger Le Coultre Master Moon - date hand not quite aligned properly. JLC Mecaquartz Chrono no problem JLC Reverso Date (hand wound) runs more than 10 seconds fast per day BLANCPAIN - 12 watches / 8 no problems Blancpain Moon Phase Half Hunter - just 1 month old and still no problem Blancpain FF fine Blancpain Ladies Flyback 2385: no problem Blancpain Aqualung - NP Blancpain Flyback -- no problem BP 1106 - grossly irregular running; replacement had no problems Blancpain 50F stoppage Blancpain 50F Deployant lock broke Blancpain GMT stoppage Blancpain 2100 Mil Moon - no problems BP2100 Moonphase - no problems (had 6 months) BP AL: No probs. (though finish on sec. hands not "perfect") MINERVA - 18 watches / 10 no problem Minerva Palladio DT - no problems Minerva Palladio 24Hr - sent back for adjustment when it showed irregular rate Minerva Pythagore II: No problem Minerva Heritage, no problems (purchased new two years ago) Minerva Palladio "S", no problems (purchased new one year ago) Minerva Pythagore, no problems (purchased new two years ago) Minerva Pythagore - scratched hands, scratched dial, repaired under warranty AOK, 10 months old. Minerva Palladio "S" - no problems Minerva Pythagore - no problems Minerva Europeo - no problems Minerva Rose Gold Cal 49 - no problems Minerva pythagore-no problems Minerva Anniversary - dial defective and replaced, spring failed and replaced Minerva Palladio GMT - gear failed and replaced Minerva Cal 49 waves in case finish. fiixed Minerva Pythagore Ann. - became 3 min slow/day, damaged keyless works, in service Minerva Pythagore I - runs down in 7 hours, can barely keep time within 10 minutes/day, repaired 3 times in last 6 months with no joy. Minerva Pythagore I (black dial) np GP - 7 watches / 6 no problems A Girard Perregaux chrono GP4900 which only runs for a few hours after I take it off my wrist. I bought it in the Caribbean, now I dont know how to get it fixed. All my GPs fine (6) ORIS - 7 watches / 5 no problems Oris Classic Sport / Diver - no problem Oris Jules Verne World Timer no problem but tends to run > 5 secs. slow per day Oris BC3 - no problems Oris BC3 (40mm) -- no problem Oris Classic XXL NP Oris Big Crown (ladies) - no problems Oris Big Crown :Crown had rusted ZENITH - 11 watches / 8 no problems Zenith El Primero No Problem Zenith Class 4 El Primero: Loose steel bracelet link pins, sorted under warranty, but this problem has been common to my three Zenith purchases so far. Zenith Chronomaster Moonphase NP Zenith Port Royal Chrono - thought I had a problem but it went away, so no problems - (had 8 months) Zenith Chronomaster Triple calendar - very intermittant failure to advance calendar(s) - haven't sent it in yet; it still has over 3 years left on the warranty. Zenith Class 4 El Primero- no problem Zenith Class El Primero no problem Zenith Class 4 - no problems Zenith Elite DT - dust under dial Zenith Port Royal El Primero-No problems Zenith Chronomaster-no problems BREITLING - 15 watches / 10 no problems Breitling Superocean - No problems Breitling Blackbird - No problems Breitling Aerospace - lug fell off, bracelet spring fatigued Breitling Navitimer 92-no problems Breitling Chronomat 98--calendar failed; rider tab fell off Breitling Aerospace-no problen Breitling Montbrilliant-dust on dial Breitling B2 - No problems, but the most uncomfortable watch I've ever worn; returned to dealer for refund. Breitling Callistino -- no problems Breitling Antares World -- bezel rider tab slightly loose Breitling SuperOcean Professional-no problem Breitling SuperO Pro NP Breitling Old Navitimer - No problems Breitling Chrono Colt Automatic - chrono hours not aligned to markers on subdial, chrono hours sometimes continue to run after stopping chrono. Not sent for repair yet, keeps excellent time. Breitling Montbrilliant Eclipse - no problem. SEIKO - 15 watches / 10 no problems Seiko 200m diver: No problem Seiko Diver's 200m - no problems, but running about +20s / day. Seiko Diver 200m Automatic - no problems (except the white day and date rings) Seiko 5 - No problems Sieko Kinetic auto relay no problem Seaiko automatic 26 jewel,weekdater no problem Seiko Auto Diver 200: no problems Grand Seiko: No probs Seiko S-Wave - runnning +28secs (all my Seikos seem to be ridiculously fast when new - is it just me?) self regulated to +3secs, 20 months old. Another S-Wave (at +25)was regulated under warranty to -1 secs by Seiko UK - top quality service - , 3 years old. Grand Seiko quartz - no problems Seiko Diver 200m Pro - No problems Seiko Kinetic - Started making REAL grinding noises - refunded 4 weeks Grand Seiko quartz - no problems Seiko Alpinist - running +23secs, self regulated to +2, 3 months old. PANERAI - 5 watches / 3 no problems Panerai GMT - NP Paneria Luminor Power Reserve - No problems Panerai Luminor GMT - No problems in 18 months. Panerai Luminor Power Reserve no problem although it also may not stay fully wound with ordinary left arm mvts. (you would think the heft of this watch would keep the rotor spinning). Panerai-would require full wind to get the movement to "start" if it had been sitting around in my safe for a few weeks AP - 5 watches / 5 no problems All AP's fine (3) Audemars Piguet Royal Oak np Audemars Piguet Royal Oak chrono np Invicta - 12 watches / 7 no problems problem Invicta 8926: went from -4 / day to -40 / day during 1st six months Invicta 8926 np Invicta 8926 "Sub" - "sluggish" second hand, but still keeps acceptable accuracy. Invicta 8926 - misaligned dial - long gone and not missed! Invicta Sub: No problems. Invicta 8926 no problems. Invicta 8926 - no problem Invicta - not worth wearing Invicta Sub--no problems Invicta 8236 (automatic, not the "sub") - crown threads stripped, still awaiting new crown Invicta 8926 sent back to Ashford,to align Bezel,and fix,sticking second hand,at 23 minutes on the dial...Fixed, in 6 days! But fixed by Sean McNamara,of course! HAMILTON - 6 watches / 5 no problems Hamilton Khaki chrono I just sent it for warranty service, the chrono second hand was going from a hard ticking to running smooth. Hamilton Khaki Chrono - No Problems Hamilton Atlantis II - No Hamilton Khaki Auto-no problem Hamilton day date Chrono: No problem problems Hamilton Viewmatic-no problems Hamilton Khaki Manual - NP UN - 7 watches / 5 no problems Ulysse Nardin 1846 np UN 1846 01 -- dust / metal on dial Un 1846 99 -- no problems UN1846 - no problems (had 2 yrs) UN 1846 LE fine UN 1846: Was -6sec / day out of box; +0.5sec / day after regulation. UN GMT Perp: No probs LIMES - 4 watches / 4 no problems Limes Chyro chrono, no problem Limes nighflight-no problems Limes Outback NP Limes Nightflight 1 - No problems, 15 mths old FORTIS - 5 watches / 2 no problems Fortis No Problems! cosmonaut,and flieger Fortis Pilots Auto - Just bought Fortis Pilot Auto: After 1 year, began stopping at random, unpredictable times. 2 local watchmakers couldn't correct or even identify the problem. Helvetia Time, Fortis' distributor, corrected it -- at no charge. Watch still runs perfectly 5 years later. Fortis Cosmo Diver's -- scratch between lugs, +6 to +15 sec. / day when worn, +16 to +27 sec. / day sitting in safe OTHER - 78 watches / 59 no problem Lange Saxonia - minor imperfection on dial; fixed Franck Muller 5850 casablanca np Breguet XX: Back to shop 3x, still problems. FM MasterB: No probs. Ebel 1911 Modulor Chrono - Erratic Winding - replaced 1 week Ebel 1911 Modulor Chrono - Stopped Winding rotor disconnected! - refunded 2 weeks Schwarz Etienne Flight Controller - extra "glue" between crystal and case back, easily removed with knife. Fortis Cosmonaute Chrono - crown thread stripped - fixed by Fortis Poljot 3133 - chrono pushers came loose - back from repair in Russia, working great Swatch Automatic - no problems Swatch Auto Irony Skeleton (Body and Soul) np Glycine Combat - no problems Glycine KMU-46 - ran fast 20 sec / day Rado - No problems, sold watch TAG S/eL Chronograph quartz - "loose" bracelet, sold watch. GO Senator Navigator - no problem. RGM Chrono -- no problem Davosa Skeleton - No problems Wenger "officer" watch - No problems Princeton Chronograph (purchased New Old Stock) - No problems, crystal scratches easily, though. Bell & Ross Vintage 126 - No problems in two years. bell&Ross vintage 123 speck of tritium on edge of dial Tutima FX UTC Auto - no problems in 1 year Ventura Ego (large) -- no problem Tissot Ballade auto (ladies) -- crown popped off, but occured outside of first year of ownership DJR Bressel Chrono - After only five or six wearings, crown would not pull out to set time; warranty repair took more than a month.. Citizen Tough Ti Ecodrive - utterly perfect, 13 months old. Kobold Endurance A - NP Kobold Pro B - very poor finish, including crown that did not seat properly on side of case; also marked "waterproof" on back Glycine KMU-46 - ran fast 20 sec/day Movado 1881: No problems Movado ss 1881 auto (ladies) -- no problems Movado Esperanza (quartz) no problems in 5 years (not even a battery change!) Jean Marcel - -20sec. / day Incursore,have owned 4! No Problems! Baume&Mercier Malibu Chrono: Bracelet falling apart Heuer Monaco re-edition: No problems Tudor Prince Date Submariner: Marker position 0 on bezel fell out Nomos Tangente: No problems Paul picot regulatuer- seconds indicator loose All D&S fine (3) D&S Aerodyn Duo np Chopards fine (4) ikepod fine piaget fine Tag 4000 Series - NP Rado Diamaster - NP Silberstein Bodoni - NP Chopard Mille Miglia NP DJR Military - no problems Krieger automatic - crown threading defect, crown replaced under warranty Hebdomas 8 Days Ascot - no problems RT Airspeed-no problems Epos Moonphase-no problem Hubot Elegant - no problem Cartier Santos- no problem Waldan triple date moonphase chrono: No problem Poljot Chrono: No problem Tag Heuer Link Auto - no problem Revue Thommen Jump Hour - no problem Longines Conquest Las Vegas L.990 automatic, Conqest quartz L.161, Gold plateed Automatic, all of them no problem Bulova King no problem Raymond Weil no problem Wenger black dial no problem Mido ocean star datoday, quartz no problem EPOS Rectangle Jump Hour - no problems LifeStyle Titan - German made 25J ETA 2824-2 in Titanium - no problems Muhle Glashutte Traveler w/ power reserve - will only stay Paul Picot Firshire power reserve COSC certified chronometer a joke because it runs 15 to 20 seconds fast per day and has from the day one. Maurice Lacroix Croneo -- dust on dial Maurice Lacroix Calendrier Retrograde - no problem Tutima Nato - no problems Bob Denver, Colorado

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